Six unforgettable routes for your next cycling trip
05 de June 2024

Did you know that this week is World Bicycle Day? At Paradores we are delighted to celebrate it, because if there is one thing we love, it’s that you enjoy being on two wheels. For this reason, our establishments that are part of the cycle tourism programme offer you the opportunity to bring your own bicycle to your room or leave it in perfect condition in the outdoor storage area. In addition, we provide you with a washing and maintenance area so that your bike is always in perfect condition.

But we don't stop there: as part of our programme of sustainable tourism experiences, Nature for the Senses, we have designed routes that enhance the environment and invite you to discover all the secrets of the landscapes surrounding our Paradors. Ready to explore? 


Culinary tradition and dreamlike landscapes in the Aran Valley


* Parador offering all the comforts of the cycling tourism programme


The Parador de Arties offers the "History and Gastronomy" route for you to enjoy the landscape and the local culinary tradition. Through this route of the Nature for the Senses programme, we will visit impressive natural areas such as the Montarto and La Salana peaks, explore the rich Romanesque heritage of the Val d'Aran and discover the town of Tredós, famous for its beautiful lakes. We will end the day in Bagergue, specifically at the renowned cheese factory Hormatges Tarrau. There we will take part in a delicious tasting of Aranese cheeses, characterised by their mild flavour, the result of the careful blending of distilled white wine, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

"parador de arties"
History and Gastronomy at the Parador de Arties


Returning to a serene and welcoming place like the Parador de Arties is simply incomparable. The warmth of its rooms, with attic ceilings and wooden beams, together with the views of the imposing peaks that tower over the picturesque houses of the village, will transport you to an almost dreamlike world. Nor can you resist a good swim in the pool and then relax in the hammock while you take in one of the best panoramic views of the Catalan Pyrenees, a real wellness experience.



Pedalling along one of the greenest areas on the Cantabrian coast


* Parador offering all the comforts of the cycling tourism programme


Following the course of the Nervión River, we can cycle along the Nervión Linear Park Greenway. The route runs through the treasures of the Ayala Valley, including the villages of Amurrio, Luiaondo and Llodio, as well as the main natural areas of the Basque Country. In particular, El Salto del Nervión, one of the greenest and coolest areas of the Cantabrian coast. However, what makes this journey so special are the numerous footbridges that allow us to cross the river, without missing a single detail of the iconic landscape.

"valle de ayala"
Surroundings of the Ayala Valley


A good way to make the most of the Basque Country's nature is to stay at the Parador de Argómaniz. The building occupies an old Renaissance palace and if there is one thing it can boast of, it is its incredible views of the Sierra de Gorbea mountain range, just as impressive is its restaurant, decorated with an 18th century coffered ceiling. There is nothing better than visiting it to enjoy the exquisite Basque gastronomy, tasting dishes such as Club Ranero cod or oxtail au gratin with Idiazábal cheese.



In the footsteps of Manuel Rivero


* Parador offering all the comforts of the cycling tourism programme


Through "Nature for the Senses" we will follow the steps of Manuel Rivero, regent of Ayamonte in the 18th century. After his trips to the West Indies, Rivero accumulated a large fortune that he invested in the construction of numerous public buildings such as the Casa Grande, the Dovecote of Huerta Noble in Isla Cristina and the restoration of the Tower of the Parish Church of Las Angustias. If you want to discover all the history and explore amazing surroundings of interest such as the Paraje Natural de las Marismas, "Brakes and Pedals" is the perfect experience for you.

"Parador de ayamonte"
Brakes and Pedals in the Parador de Ayamonte


Ayamonte, the last town in Huelva that borders the border with Portugal, is home to a charming Parador. Built on the ruins of an ancient castle and located on the banks of the Guadiana River, it offers one of the best terraces in town to enjoy the magical Huelva sunsets. In addition, its border location is perfect for exploring the Portuguese coastal towns, as the Guadiana International Bridge, which connects both countries, boasts one of the longest bridges in Spain at 666 metres.


"parador de ayamonte"
Sunset from the terrace of the Parador de Ayamonte



Discover the Costa del Azahar


* Parador offering all the amenities of the cycle tourism programme


The Vía Verde del Mar, which links the charming Valencian towns of Benicàssim and Oropesa, is one of the most captivating routes. By cycling along it, we can explore some of the most magical places on the Costa de Azahar, for example, the peaceful beach of La Concha or the hidden cove of El Retor. However, a route gets better if we add a pinch of curiosity, which is why we recommend a visit to the village of Orpesa la Vella. Over the centuries, Iberians, Romans and Muslims have left their mark on this place, turning it into an important trading hub, as evidenced by its numerous archaeological sites.

"via verde del mar"
View of the surroundings of the Sea Greenway


The Parador de Benicarló is located between the golden beaches of Morrongo, La Caracola and La Mar Xica in Castellón. It has a refreshing swimming pool, available throughout the summer season, where you can enjoy a well-deserved swim. In the summer months, "La Arrocería" opens its doors to captivate you with one of its most outstanding specialities: authentic Valencian paella. Its proximity to the Ebro Delta gives it the necessary prestige to offer an absolutely exquisite version of this traditional dish, without neglecting its delicious fish options, either baked or fried.



A route declared an Asset of Cultural Interest


* Parador offering all the comforts of the cycling tourism programme


Castilla y León offers one of the most enriching experiences for cycle tourism enthusiasts: the route along the Canal de Castilla. This historic route played a crucial role in the transport of wool, wine and cereals, and has been recognised as an Asset of Cultural Interest. Along the route, you can see fascinating historical remains, such as the church of Santa María, which combines the grace of the Renaissance with the strength of Gothic architecture. In addition, the characteristic dovecotes of the village of Capillas, built with a unique design for pigeon breeding, offer a glimpse of the ancient local customs that have endured over time.

"canal de castiila"
Canal de Castilla


The Parador de Tordesillas, a perfect retreat to visit the Canal de Castilla and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by a lush pine forest, the setting offers the tranquillity and relaxation needed for a rejuvenating holiday. After exploring the surroundings by bicycle, there is nothing better than a refreshing dip in the spectacular swimming pool, surrounded by gardens that invite you to enjoy unforgettable moments with companions.



Direct to the Biosphere Reserve


We close the list with the "Nature for the Senses" experience: Pedal the Heart of Gran Canaria" at the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda. Sheltered in the coolness of the pine forests of the Nublo Rural Park, we will get to know this marvellous natural setting that boasts of being part of the Biosphere Reserve. On our way, we will be able to observe one of the best panoramic views of Las Palmas from the Degollada de Becerra viewpoint and we will enter the emblematic Roque Nublo. The rich variety of autochthonous flora, featuring  the almácigo (mastic tree), the tajinaste (Echium wildpretii  - the Tenerife bugloss) and the tabaiba, (euphorbia) will reveal to us why the place is so special. And if you like fauna, the Tenerife blue chaffinch and the hoopoe are two of the most unique species to be seen here.

"roque nublo"
Surroundings of Roque Nublo


The Parador de Cruz de Tejeda stands on a hill at an altitude of over 1,560 metres. This superb location offers spectacular views of the cultural landscape of the Risco Caído and the sacred spaces of the mountains of Gran Canaria, both recognised as World Heritage Sites in 2019. Undoubtedly an incredible backdrop that you can enjoy even more while relaxing in the Parador's outdoor hydrothermal circuit. To round off your experience, there is nothing better than savouring the extraordinary Canarian gastronomy with classic dishes such as watercress stew, “wrinkled” potatoes or local fish from the coast.


"parador de cruz de tejeda"
Views from the outdoor swimming pool of the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda