At the restaurants of Paradores we keep some of the most traditional recipes of our country. We've been here for almost a hundred years, so we've experienced many, many memorable gastronomic moments. We are guardians of the gastronomy and add an avant-garde touch to product presentations provided these don't affect the essence of each of the recipes that have accompanied our history.

We continue our weekly tour of traditional Paradores recipes. Today it takes us very close to Madrid. Chinchón is a lovely little town located less than 50 km from the capital. It is the perfect destination for a culinary getaway or relaxing visit. You'll realize just how far you are from the hustle and bustle of the city the minute you emerge from the car. The air here is purer and this is the perfect place for a hearty meal: a type of chickpea stew known as cocido de taba.

Dishes that fortify us against the cold winter days, dishes that taste of tradition, dishes that make you feel right at home, those are our Paradores stews. How would you like to make your own Asturian white bean and pork stew from our recipe? Of course, you can always enjoy this meal at the Especia restaurant at the Parador de Cangas de Onís and the Tamizia restaurant at the Parador de Gijón