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21 de November 2023

Do you know what would be an essential plan that you mustn't miss this autumn? Exploring some of the marvellous forests of Spain. At this time of year, you can enjoy amazing experiences for your senses. This is the time when nature is at its best, in shades of ochre, brown, red and gold. Perfect for enjoying in its purest state from one of our Paradors, set in idyllic surroundings. Destinations from where legends and history emerge. Follow leafy trails to connect with the land and with yourself.

08 de November 2023

You will have heard of them. For their historical relevance, for their privileged and idyllic location, for their character, for their charm, for their fascinating surroundings, for what they hide inside, for the stories concealed in their walls and for the secrets they keep. There are many reasons to consider them indispensable and, of course, unforgettable.

31 de October 2023

Who said that the beach can only be enjoyed in summer? There are plenty of plans to make the most of the charm of Spain's coastal paradises during the autumn: a stroll with your loved ones, days of fun accompanied by a succulent picnic and even exploring the beauty of the surroundings. What's more, this is the best time of the year, with the lowest prices and milder temperatures that invite you to organise a few weeks of activities and disconnection. What are you waiting for to pack your suitcase?

10 de October 2023

At Paradores it is a pleasure to start the day. Is there anything more satisfying than a good breakfast after a restful night's sleep? The complete and varied buffet breakfasts that Paradores generally offer, one of their hallmarks, have earned a fair reputation and are one of the services most highly valued by customers.


10 de October 2023

It is always exciting to arrive at the establishment where you are going to stay during your trip, enter your room, open the curtains and confirm that a Parador was a good choice for your holidays. Most of our hotels have privileged views of their surroundings. Today we take a look at some Paradors in natural settings with panoramic views that will make a lasting impression and be engraved in your memory forever. Open the window of your room and, as well as breathing in the fresh air of nature, take a few minutes to appreciate your privileged surroundings.

28 de September 2023

The Parador de la Granja is one of the jewels of the Parador network. Its original conception as a home for the servants of the sons of Carlos III, Don Gabriel and Don Antonio, gave rise to an imposing building more than 200 metres long. But if you cross the threshold, you will realise that its beauty is not limited to the exterior. In addition to its spacious and bright rooms that invite you to relax, there are three courtyards that hide a striking secret.

27 de September 2023

If you like sport and travelling, we have the perfect proposal for this autumn. Cycling is one of the most popular sports in Europe. Aware of this, at Paradores we have equipped 27 of our establishments with everything you need to enjoy two wheels. There is a designated storage area, a workshop, a washing area and, in some Paradors, you even have the option of taking your bike up to your room. We have also designed routes so that you can enjoy cycling, whatever your level.

19 de September 2023

The Escorial in Burgos, which dazzled kings, writers and an emperor. A palatial refuge that will amaze you with its marvellous collection of art.

06 de September 2023

Summer nights in Spain are full of magic. As well as being the most pleasant time of the day when the heat is at its peak, our country has a bustling night-time atmosphere. Night owls can enjoy the beautiful sights in many cities and towns thanks to the fading lights of dusk. If you feel inspired rather than disoriented by the dark, here are a few suggestions for enjoying night time from Parador to Parador.



18 de August 2023

When thinking about holidays, many people look for destinations where they can enjoy outdoor activities or be amazed by the history and culture of our towns and cities. Others, however, are looking to enjoy the coast without having to take the car. Whatever your ideal holiday, at Paradores we have suggestions to make your summer perfect. Charming places, good cuisine and friendly service to make you feel at home. And of course, an excellent range of leisure activities for your free time.

10 de August 2023

Have you ever dreamed of a place where culture, sport and nature come together in perfect combination? In this article we invite you to discover all this at the Parador de La Seu d'Urgell. This building, combining a classicist 18th-century courtyard with a modern and elegant style, offers you an ideal starting point for exploring this beautiful corner of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, its history and abundant natural environment, and the best-kept secrets of its Romanesque tradition. 



10 de August 2023

August is beginning and with it, the best month to go on holiday and enjoy the summer. Do you feel like disconnecting from routine? Are you looking for a parador on the beach to show off your tan and enjoy a dip? And last but not least, do you feel like discovering traditional cuisine on your holidays? This week we invite you to discover six paradors that offer all this and much more. Are you ready for a trip along the Spanish coastline?

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