Destinations where you can enjoy a warm, rejuvenating thermal bath
23 de January 2024
Alejandro Medina Rojo
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Getting to know new places, discovering culture and art, enjoying leisure time with your partner, friends and family... There are many reasons to plan a break. And at this time of year, in the aftermath of the whirl of Christmas, what could be better for toning your body and mind, than a blissful and salubrious thermal bath to help you face the new year with renewed energy. And in Spain there are countless places in the heart of nature, from which warm, revitalising waters flow. No need to go all the way to Iceland or Budapest. You can find a varied selection of destinations right here, where you can soak up many health benefits and enjoy their multiple healing properties: improve your skin or your blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, reduce stress or get better quality sleep. And the good news? These places are close to a welcoming and incredible Parador to make your stay a unique experience. Special places to stay that may also surprise you with a wonderful spa where you can continue to pamper yourself inside and out. Get ready for a purely rejuvenating winter getaway.


Discover the best natural hot springs in Spain



Discover the oasis of the Pozas de Arnedillo and the Parador de Calahorra

We begin our revitalising baths some 60 kilometres from Logroño, at the Pozas de Arnedillo. The Romans used this place as a refuge for rest and socialising. A beautiful enclave on the banks of the Cidacos river, where the water is not only warm for this time of year, but also has medicinal properties. With temperatures of around 35 - 40 ºC, making it easy and pleasant to bathe in, who would want to miss out on a dip with all these benefits? The pools contain numerous minerals, including sodium, chlorine, calcium, bromide, iron, silicium, rubidium and magnesium ions that provide endless benefits for skin care. 

"Pozas de Arnedillo"
Arnedillo pools


A short distance away, less than half an hour’s drive, is the Parador de Calahorra. Continuing the tradition of relaxation, this refuge has fireplaces in the lounges, as well as cosy bedrooms. Sleep like a king and wake up eager to explore the "land of wine" and discover some of the options suitable for all the family, such as the Dinosaur Route.



Hot baths in La Fontcalda and a cycling refuge in Tortosa

Another of our favourite places to enjoy a thermal bath is La Fontcalda in Tarragona. The strong point of this enclave is that it offers multi-adventure plans for the day. In addition to plunging into waters that reach temperatures of 30 ºC, you can explore the waterfalls, enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the rocky landscape and prepare something delicious at the barbecues on the site. After a relaxing swim, you are sure to have enough energy to pedal along the Green Way, which links Tortosa with La Puebla de Híjar in Aragón.

"La Fontcalda"
La Fontcalda


Tortosa is home to the Parador, which is also prepared for cycle touring, so that your bike is with you always. Next to the castle of La Zuda, this hotel, highly recommended for families, and listed by the Catalan Tourism Agency and the Spanish Federation of Large Families as a family tourism destination, offers unbeatable views of the Ebro Delta and the historic-artistic site of the city. Will it be its proximity to La Fontcalda, the cycling routes we have designed or its ideal location that fascinates you the most? Find out when you come and visit .



Alhama de Granada Thermal Baths, a centuries-old Moorish history

The natural hot springs of Alhama de Granada are a perfect plan at any time of the year, especially in cold weather. The waters that flow into the three pools that make up this spot maintain a constant flow of water, reaching temperatures of over 45 ºC. Once you have tried them, you will not want to leave. Or just ask the locals who do not hesitate to enjoy this natural wonder (free, it must be said) whenever they can. A place which helps to relieve stress, treat various skin diseases, improve the function of the locomotor system and even combat respiratory diseases thanks to the minerals in its waters, including sulphates, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates. A wonder that, by the way, has been offering its benefits to every self-respecting bather for centuries. In fact, its maximum splendour was experienced during the Nasrid reign.

"Alhama de Granada"
Town of Alhama de Granada


To plunge into the Arab past, the best and undoubtedly the most special option is to stay at the Parador de Granada, inside the Alhambra itself. A convent built by the Catholic Monarchs on the site of an old Nasrid palace of which the original courtyard, the Arab hall, the qubba or viewpoint overlooking the Generalife and the Arab baths, discovered in 1949, are still preserved. Naturally, the restaurant also serves dishes that reflect the different cultures that coexisted centuries ago. A real journey through time.



From the Parador de Santillana Gil Blas to the thermal warmth of the Deva river 

Cantabria also has its own secret. These are the thermal pools that spring from the river Deva, at km 163 of Hermida gorge. If you feel the cold, you are in luck, as the waters are at temperatures above 50 ºC. Although the pools are located on the banks of the river, the rocks surrounding them protect the space to prevent them from mixing with the cold waters of the river. A visit in the winter season is ideal for relaxing and benefiting from a host of healing properties in a comforting, steamy pool.

"rio deva"
River Deva

In line with our recreational proposal, the Parador de Santillana Gil Blas is a great choice for your stay. You will be amazed by the mountain-style interior with wooden floors and cosy bedrooms, some with fireplaces for a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Best of all, this destination offers balance. Thanks to the natural hot springs, you can stay warm on the outside. And thanks to the Parador's restaurant and its variety of casseroles, you will feel good on the inside too. Make time for sensational stews such as cocido montañés (traditional local stew), Cantabrian fish and seafood soup or fishermen's stew. Specialities that are very much appreciated at this time of year.



Fuente de los Baños de Montanejos, healing waters next to the Parador de Teruel

We close the list with Fuente de Baños Montanejos. Legend has it that Abú Zayd, the last Valencian Almohad lord, built this Arab spa to preserve the beauty of the harem, of which he was the owner. Its mineral-medicinal waters were declared of public utility by Royal Order of 13 October 1863 and have been one of the main reasons behind wellness tourism. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the sick used to come here to alleviate their pain. And little by little, its popularity grew, to the point that the region saw the birth of the first bourgeois summer village, called "Villa Purificación". Today, you can enjoy a plunge in waters at temperatures of around 25 ºC.

"Fuente de los Banos de Montanejos"
Fuente de los Baños de Montanejos


Although it belongs to the Valencian province of Castellón, its location in the inland area is close to the Parador de Teruel. The building is a palace inspired by Mudejar art and decorated with marble, tiles, pointed arches and Moorish details. The facilities offer all the comforts you need, from cosy bedrooms to splendid gardens for strolling around and exploring the beauty of Teruel.



A colossal thermal sanctuary next to the Parador de Baiona

One of the most popular thermal baths in Spain, Muiño da Veiga, is located in the Paseo Termal de Ourense, near the Miño river. This majestic sanctuary has five pools. The largest measures 200 m2 with temperatures reaching 40 ºC, a very pleasing sensation in the coolness of winter. The main feature of its waters is that they contain sodium bicarbonates, fluorides and silicates, giving vigour to your skin. The environment is also spectacular. The surrounding vegetation and the old wooden mill next to the pools offer a welcoming landscape with a multitude of spots ideal for bringing out your adventurous spirit.

"muino da veiga"
Muiño da Veiga


To the south of the Rías Baixas, the Parador de Baiona awaits you. Located on the Monterreal Peninsula, it offers unbeatable views of the bay. Travelling back in time is easy once you set foot here. The elegance, halfway between medieval castle and stately palace, is present in all the rooms of the Parador, including the regal rooms whose decoration will transport you back to the Middle Ages. Rest and relaxation are guaranteed both inside and outside the building.



Spas at Paradores, wellness on demand


Speaking of natural hot springs, at Paradores we have other ideal alternatives for enjoying a hot bath. The Parador Spas are perfectly equipped. For example, the Parador de Cádiz, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, has an immense temple of relaxation, where the jacuzzi and the underwater beds to help you disconnect are of particular note. Or the Parador de La Granja, in Segovia, offers another option for calm and serenity in a purely palatial setting. Continuing north, the Parador de Vielha will also amaze you with its indoor and outdoor spa, making it a perfect stop if you plan to spend a few exciting days skiing in the Val d'Aran. And to close our list of recommendations, stop at the Parador de Aiguablava. An ideal place to disconnect. The views of the Mediterranean visible from the spa make you forget all your stress and put all your worries to one side.

"parador de cadiz"
Spa at the Parador de Cádiz


But, as well as boasting unbeatable facilities, in all these places you will find a wide range of treatments. Why not try the oriental massage techniques? Or feel as if you were in Hawaii? Book one of our treatments and enjoy being pampered with any of these feminine or masculine beauty rituals to moisturise, exfoliate and rejuvenate. What are you waiting for to make your reservation? You have come at the best time because all the Paradors with spa mentioned above are part of our winter promotion with a 20% discount. You are already late...