If you've got a plan, Paradores has got a terrace for you. June is the month of these spaces where friendships are forged, the first coffee of the day is drunk, the last drink at night... where great stories start, small things are enjoyed and summer time. The privileged sites where Paradores are located: medieval fortresses, the beachfront, parks, palaces, convents... all offer spectacular terraces in summer. Exclusive outdoor areas for which an intense programme of activities has been designed. 


There's still time to plan a route to a few of our Paradores in Galicia. Delight in landscapes where there is always something green, viewpoints overlooking the breaking waves of the Atlantic, fortresses that become cozy hideaways and seafood like no other in the world. Enjoy a Galician getaway and explore a land of legends, landscapes and the cuisine of both land and sea! 

1. Parador de Pontevedra

They emerge in the middle of the ocean as a protective barrier of the littoral, a natural containment against the untamed Atlantic. It has the most beautiful beach in the world, found in the Cíes, the cold Caribbean of the Atlantic, and the largest laurel forest on the continent. And its sea depths are a natural wonder. Here you will find Rodas, the best beach of the world (The Guardina, 2007)

Praia de Rodas Islas Cies JM Reyero CENEAM

Do you like to head out on vacation just as everyone else is about to return home, but you want to be sure to enjoy good weather? The Canary Islands are always an option for vacationers looking for peace and quiet, unique scenery and Paradores in landscapes you won't find on the peninsula. What more reason do you need to choose the Canaries as your destination for a fond farewell to the month of August?

1. Cliff views from the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

For those seeking a travel destination that is surrounded by nature, exceptionally well-maintained and offers numerous outdoor activities, unique scenery and maximum relaxation! Today we take you to Doñana, a space recognized as a Biosphere Reserve in a National Park that has been declared a World Heritage Site. This Parador has everything you need to rest up, recharge and return from your vacation completely revitalized.

There was once a time when the boardwalk was one of the most dangerous routes in the world. This trail, located in the province of Malaga, was inaugurated in 1921 by King Alfonso XII, though it had been used for many years prior to this by the Hydroelectric Power station El Chorro workers between 1901 and 1905, as they undertook maintenance work on the Gaitanejo and Chorro gorges. Let's take a journey to Malaga to follow the footsteps of the Kings on the Caminito del Rey boardwalk.