Participation rules and comments on the main website of Paradores

The purpose of giving you the possibility of posting comments on each of the data sheets of Paradores, as well as on the corporate blog is none other than to let you feel like you are part of the community that has been created with the aim of improving your experience as both an Amigo and client of Paradores. They can be posted using a nickname or anonymous username. 
With the aim of achieving the best possible experience and with the aim of preventing questions related to comments that are inappropriate or that do not respect the law, PARADORES reserves the right to store and process IP addresses with strict confidentiality for security purposes, owing to any possible noncompliances by users of these comment usage rules on the data sheets of Paradores.
  • Comments on the website, both on data sheets on the Paradores and on the blog are restricted to holders of the Paradores Amigo card. If you would like to join the club, it is free of charge just by entering your details here. (


  • Comments are posted automatically (we do not subject them to censure). We never modify the texts sent by users; we only review them to check that they meet usage rules. If they do not meet the rules set out in this section, then we would delete the comment in question. 


  • The comments on the data sheets of the Paradores must be about experiences related to the Parador in question, namely they must be real experiences with lodging at and/or enjoying our restaurants and culinary spaces. We appreciate all the comments and the time you spend writing them. With the aim of providing the best experience possible on the website, we limit comments to one comment per user and per Parador, deleting any duplicate comments, as well as the posting of several comments on a single experience. Comments must be related to experiences within the last 12 months from the posting date, and older comments will not be published. Remember that comments should be limited to 450 characters. Comments will not be approved on a Parador published on the data sheet of another Parador and comments that are not related to a real experience the client had at the Parador selected for comment from his or her Amigo profile will be deleted. 


  • With regard to the blog, you can leave a comment provided that the topic you post is related to the topic being spoken of in the post. Comments that do not abide by this rule will be deleted. 


  • Comments will never be permitted that contain links to other external websites or sites not related to PARADORES.


  • Further, all comments will be deleted with contents that: 
    • Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or violate legal rights (such as privacy and advertising rights) of others 
    • Use rude or obscene words 
    • Offend of lack respect for any person or company 
    • Contain URLs that link to external websites or blogs, especially those that link to malicious content or viruses 
    • Contain advertising or sale of services contents 
    • Duplicate other posts or comments. All duplicates will be deleted, leaving only one 
    • Include postal or email addresses, phone numbers or any other contact details 
    • Publish, announce, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, illegal, obscene, indecent, deceitful or illicit materials 
    • Publish or provide fair or unfair information on individuals or companies of any type or in any sector 
    • Use the website’s services to send spam on any personal or professional communications 
    • Set out, claim or relate internal labour or union conditions and/or related to PARADORES 
    • Upload or attach files that contain software or other materials protected by intellectual property laws (or privacy or advertising rights), unless these rights are held or controlled and all consents required have been obtained
    • Upload or attach files that contain viruses, corrupt files or any other software or programs that could damage the operation of another's computer 
    • Remove any attribution of author, legal notices or ownership
    • Falsify the origin or source of software or other materials contained in the file being uploaded 
    • If contents are published that do not comply with the categories detailed above, the website administrators of PARADORES will delete the contents in question 
    • PARADORES will collaborate with the administrative or legal authorities that are competent for the persecution of publications that damage or harm third party rights 
    • If it is proven that a user has stolen another’s identity, this shall be reason enough to not permit the publication of contents sent by this user and opportune administrative measures shall be taken


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