FAQs on the Amigos Programme

  • Registration in the programme
    • How could I become a Paradores Amigo?

      Through the website www.paradores.es , the Paradores App or by filling out the application document available at the Paradores.
    • What is the minimum age to obtain the Paradores Amigo card?

      To request the Paradores Amigo card, you must be at least 18 years old.
    • Will I receive the card by post?

      You will only receive the card by post if you sign up through the application document available at the Paradores. If you sign up through the website, you will receive a virtual card to your email address.
    • Do I have to present my Amigo card every time I stay in a Parador?

      It is not necessary to present the physical card but to indicate that you are an Amigo and to inform about your card number, if you have it available. If you are not staying and you are passing through, you should present it in the restaurant or bar so that the points of your bill can be written down. If there are several holders for the same card, you must request invoices separately.
    • Is there any charge for becoming an Amigo?

      The Amigos card is free of charge.
    • Does the Amigos card expire if you do not use it?

      The Amigos card you receive when you sign up never expires.
  • Advantages
    • What advantages do I have when becoming a Paradores Amigo?

      The Amigos card is free of charge. You will collect points for all the services of the Parador to obtain free stays at the Paradores. Likewise, when you sign up, your first breakfast will be free for you and your companion in the same room. In each stay, upon arrival, we will offer you a welcome drink at the bar. We will offer you exclusive offers. You can contact our Customer Service Centre by telephone and by email for any queries.
    • How many people can benefit from the welcome drink during my stay?

      The welcome drink is offered upon arrival for a stay, and the holder and the companions in the room are invited thereto.
    • Can I have a gin and tonic with my welcome drink bonus?

      No, as indicated in the voucher, the invitation is for a soft drink or a glass of Paradores selection wine, mineral water or draft beer to enjoy in the gastronomic space (cafeteria).
  • Breakfast bonus
    • I signed up as an Amigo at the website. How can I validate my welcome breakfast bonus of the programme?

      You have 3 months to validate your bonus voucher with a reservation for a stay valid for any date within the first year from your registration in the Amigos programme, if you have not done so when signing up. You only need to make your reservation at www.paradores.es with your access codes of the Amigos programme. In your Amigo profile on the web you will find your Breakfast Voucher. This bonus is only valid once during the stay.
    • Do my companions also have free breakfast?

      The breakfast voucher is valid for an invitation to a breakfast buffet for two people staying in the same room and a companion in supplementary bed.
    • Can I use the welcome breakfast voucher even if I am not staying?

      No. No. The breakfast voucher is only valid if you are staying.
    • If I make a reservation through a travel agency, can I use the breakfast voucher for the stay?

      You can only validate your breakfast voucher with a reservation made at www.paradores.es, with your Amigo codes. The breakfast voucher can only be used if this service has not been prepaid in the reservation.
    • I have a gift box and I would like to use the breakfast voucher; is it possible?

      No. Gift boxes include breakfast; therefore, it is not possible to use the breakfast voucher.
    • I want to use the breakfast bonus but the rate I want to book already includes breakfast; is it possible to use it?

      Yes. You can use it as long as you make your reservation online, registered as Amigo.
      In the rates in which breakfast is included at the Parador, the proportion of the breakfast corresponding to that rate will be deducted. The Parador can inform you of the amount of breakfast.
    • If I have a prepaid reservation for bed and breakfast, can I use my breakfast voucher?

      No. In prepaid bookings, you can only use your breakfast voucher if the reservation is for accommodation only.
  • Reservations
    • Should I indicate my Amigos card number when making my reservations?

      Yes, before starting your online reservation, enter your Amigo passwords, otherwise you will not be able to access your exclusive offers or point rates. Please inform that you are an Amigo card holder, notwithstanding how you make your reservations.
    • How many people can benefit from the welcome drink during my stay?The welcome drink is offered upon arrival, when you check in, and is for the occupant and the people sharing a room with him/her.

    • If I make a reservation, can I guarantee my reservation with the Amigos card?

      No. Reservations can only be guaranteed by credit card or by prepayment. The Amigo card does not guarantee reservations.
    • Can I make reservations with my Amigo card for other people?

      Your Amigo card is personal and non-transferable so you should not use it to reserve rooms for family or friends if you are not going with them. You collect points only if you stay.
    • If I book several rooms, will the rest of the friends and/or family members benefit from the Amigos Programme?

      No. Only you and the people who share the room with you will benefit from the Amigos programme. If the other rooms want to enjoy the advantages of the Programme, one card holder per room must be accommodated.
      In that case, you must indicate at the check-in that you are Amigos card holders so that the Parador issues invoices separately and each holder may obtain the corresponding points.
      Exceptionally, if you are travelling with children aged up to 14, and they stay in another room, they will only benefit from the offers of accommodation or regime, and from the welcome drink. In any other case, they will not get other benefits or added values exclusive for the holder.
  • Collecting points
    • Will I collect points if I book through online websites such as Booking.com, Expedia... etc.?

      No, if you want to collect points, you must make your reservations through our own channels: web, app, Booking Centre, or the Parador itself, or through traditional agencies that do not only work online.
    • I have the Amigos card and also the Iberia Plus and + Renfe card. Can I collect points for several programmes at the same time?

      No. You can never gather points in more than one loyalty programme for the same bill. When you arrive at the Parador, you must indicate the programme in which you want to put the points and benefit from the advantages thereof.
    • I have confirmed a reservation with a rate that requires advance payment. When will I have the points in my account?

      After the stay, the Parador will issue the invoice and the points will be automatically obtained at your departure.
    • I have paid a stay for relatives/friends but I have not stayed. Can I gather points in my account?

      No. Only the holder whose name is in the accommodation bill and who has stayed can gather the points in the account.
  • Payment with points
    • What services can I pay with points?

      Stays in double room (the supplementary beds will be paid in euros).
      Breakfast if the reservation is made in bed and breakfast rate only when specified in the point rate.
      You can also buy gift boxes with points, such as boxes for lunches or dinners for two people, bed and breakfast stays in double rooms, for one, two or five nights and half board stays in double rooms, for one or two nights.
    • Can I pay other rooms with my points?

      No. The points are personal and non-transferable. Card holders can pay their rooms with points, provided they have the required ones and, exceptionally, rooms occupied by their children under 14.
    • I have made a reservation with points. When will the points disappear from my account?

      At the time of the stay, when you get to the Parador. You must have enough points.
    • We are three people in the room. Can I pay the supplementary bed with points?

      No. Supplementary beds are always paid in euros, unless they are free when specified in the rate.
    • Why have I been able to make a reservation with points if I do not have enough?

      Because you can plan to accumulate them later, before staying at the Parador where you want to pay with points. The points are discounted at the time of the stay, so you will always be able to make the reservation with points. You just have to make sure that you have enough points at the time of the stay, checking that they have not expired due to inactivity or seniority. You can check the balance and validity of your points at www.paradores.es by accessing your Amigo menu, by calling 91 374 26 00 or by contacting [email protected]
    • I have a reservation to be paid with points and I will not be able to stay. In the event that I do not cancel within the established deadline with no charge, will the points in my account or the amount in euros on my credit card be deducted?

      In the case of “no show” and you have not cancelled the stay within the established deadline, the Parador will charge you the corresponding part in euros on your credit card, or it may deduct the points corresponding to one night.
  • Special Events
    • We have held the baptism of my daughter and I see few points for the bill; what is it due to?

      Points from special events such as weddings, communions or baptisms only generate special points, that is, one point for 12 euros paid (without VAT).
  • Contact
    • Do you have any doubt?

      Do not worry. Contact us and we will solve all your queries.
      Telephone Amigos Centre: 91 374 26 00
      Email: [email protected]