Let the magical autumnal forests captivate you together with Paradores
21 de November 2023
Alejandro Medina Rojo
Paradores / Shutterstock

Do you know what would be an essential plan that you mustn't miss this autumn? Exploring some of the marvellous forests of Spain. At this time of year, you can enjoy amazing experiences for your senses. This is the time when nature is at its best, in shades of ochre, brown, red and gold. Perfect for enjoying in its purest state from one of our Paradors, set in idyllic surroundings. Destinations from where legends and history emerge. Follow leafy trails to connect with the land and with yourself. And on your return, remember that a comfortable and unforgettable stay awaits you for you to relax and enjoy the best cuisine. You deserve it.

Two unique sites next to the Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga


When it comes to autumnal landscapes, Cervera de Pisuerga takes the cake. Just 10 minutes from the Parador, you'll find the magical forest of Tejeda de Tosande. And what makes it so special? Undoubtedly, its 2000-year-old leafy yew trees, immersing you in a feeling of eternity. For a few moments, the robust tree trunks, six-metres tall, will cast a spell over you, making you lose all sense of time. An atmosphere decked out in the full range of autumn colours in a place that is home to deer, roe deer and wild boar.


"Tejeda de Tosande en el Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga"
Tejeda de Tosande


Another of our favourite sites is the Roblón de Estalaya. Stronger and more robust than any other species of oak, this species, declared a Plant Specimen of Singular Relevance in Castile and León, is over 600 years old. It is the perfect trip, recommended for the whole family. Discover the majesty of this tree and the beauty of the surrounding beech trees, which are at their best at this time of year.



And the best thing? The Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga accepts pets. Walking with your dog in these surroundings and discovering other must-see places such as the Fossil Forest Route or the path to the Mazobre waterfall has no price. And if you wish to keep things simple, the location of our establishment in the middle of the Natural Park of Fuentes Carrionas and Fuente Cobre offers an excellent playground for your puppy.



Enjoy the Ambroz Valley in the Parador de Plasencia


Half an hour from the Parador de Plasencia, in an impressive 15th-century convent, is the Ambroz Valley, an imposing forest of grandeur, beauty and culture. Here, under the name of Castaños de Temblar, you can find tree species unique to Spain. Five specimens feature in the landscape: Hondodero, reaching a height of 25 metres; Castaño del Arroyo, approximately 800 years old; El Bronco, a fairy-tale tree thanks to its distinctive spiral trunk; El Retorcío, covered in thick bundles of fibre; and El Menuero, which stands out for having the smallest chestnuts in the forest. Now is the best time to visit this enclave, due to its seasonal photogenic nature and because this is when the fruit begins to sprout.

"Valle de Ambroz en el Parador de Plasencia"
Valle de Ambroz


If you are passionate about photography, don't forget to bring your camera. What's more, within the Ambroz Valley, the Jewish quarter of the town of Hervás remains almost intact, with steep, narrow streets dating back to the 12th century and traditional houses made of stone, chestnut wood and terracotta. You can also visit Montemayor Baths, ancient Roman baths that have now been converted into a spa. And if you're hungry for more, don't miss the Magic Autumn Festival of Ambroz Valley. With the change of season, the local villages organise typical Extremaduran tasting sessions, concerts and street markets. And to round off the evening, the exclusive night bar, housed in the Parador's wine cellar, awaits you.




A fairytale forest near the Parador de Baiona


The Enchanted Forest of Aldán looks like something out of a fairy tale, or at least that's what the visitors who stroll through it say. An Atlantic landscape that, at this time of year, is at the height of its splendour, offering an inspiring soundtrack provided by the Orxás river. Oak, chestnut, laurel and birch trees are scattered throughout this majestic forest setting to transport you to an imaginary world, dominated by the spell of O Frendoal castle. This was the former holiday residence and hunting lodge of the Counts of Canalejas. It still conserves a moat with a drawbridge, a small keep and buildings at the back. Other architectural sites not to be missed include the Roman aqueduct Arco de la Condesa and the stone benches made from ancient sarcophagi.


"Bosque encantado de Aldan en el Parador de Baiona"
 O Frendoal Castle in the Enchanted Forest of Aldán


Next to the Parador de Baiona, you will also find the Bosque de Colón. In 1992, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, George Bush's government sent a legion of engineers to the Galician town of Poio to plant 500 red sequoias. Today, you can take pleasure in this enchanting American heritage with specimens of trees tens of metres high, and an enviable life expectancy of around 2,000 years.

And if you like the surroundings, the Parador de Baiona will not fail to move you. With good reason, Lonely Planet travellers have classified it as the most beautiful spot in our brand. This ancient historic fortress is located on the Moterreal peninsula, overlooking the bay of Baiona. Its stone staircase stands out, located next to the entrance hall and the extensive garden that entices calm, wellbeing and total disconnection. This charm continues behind the doors of the restaurant, with delicious Galician cuisine and succulent dishes including pulpo a la feria, traditional fish from the fish market or the legendary local empanadas..



Forest environments for the whole family: Parador de Limpias


The Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes are a natural paradise 15 minutes from the Parador de Limpias. And autumn is the best time to visit. Only at this time of year can you appreciate, on the one hand, the spectacle of migratory birds arriving from northern Europe, and on the other, the arrival of aquatic species. You can see some amusing animals: grebes, common loons, cormorants, herons, spoonbills, geese, coots, waders and gulls. We recommend you start the route along the Solija Marshes path. Along the trail, you will encounter Monte Buciero, a habitat where you may see foxes, badgers, genets or Iberian lizards. Flora and fauna in their natural state in this spot that the youngest members of the family will also enjoy.


"Marismas de Santoya, Victoria y Joyel en el Parador de Limpias"
Marshes of Santoya, Victoria and Joyel


The Collados del Asón Natural Park shines in autumn. It is a karst landscape dominated by a group of beech forests and a spectacular deciduous forest that hides an impressive waterfall some 70 metres tall. To make sure you don’t miss a single detail of the surroundings, stop by the Interpretation Centre for information about other beautiful spots in the area.


If you follow the course of the river Asón, you will come to the Parador de Limpias. The autumnal atmosphere enhances the beauty of this hotel, located in the former Eguilior Palace, once the summer residence of Alfonso XIII. Make the most of your stay to explore the beauty of the town's historic quarter and discover emblematic buildings such as the church of San Pedro, the resting place of the Cristo de la Agonía, a reference point for locals. You also have the opportunity to travel back to prehistoric times by exploring the caves of Covalanas and Mirón. Finally, we would like to remind you that in our restaurant you can enjoy Cantabrian culinary delights without worrying about calories. We have a magnificent gym and paddle and tennis courts so that, even on holiday, you won't have to give up on being in top shape.



Legends around the beech forests of the Parador de Vic - Sau


The Parador de Vic - Sau is surrounded by fabulous forests. One of these is the Fagedad'en Jordà. This environment is unique. Firstly, it is a beech forest located at the low altitude of only 550 metres, a figure rarely seen in examples of this nature. Secondly, its location on a cold lava flow from the Croscat volcano makes it a natural and geological attraction. Moreover, in mid-November, you can appreciate the maximum splendour of its leaves. Choose from a wide range of trails to venture into the heart of the forest. For example, follow the route to La Fageda Dairy Farm, where the region's artisan yoghurts are made. Another option is to explore the beauty of the Volcanic Zone Natural Park. The Tourist Office can provide information about different itineraries for you to choose your favourite.

"Fageda de Jorda en el Parador de Vic Sau"
Fageda d'en Jordà


Another of the beech forests that reaches its maximum grandeur in autumn is the Fageda dels Roques Encantades. After following magical trails, you will reach the main area of interest: a habitat adorned with huge moss-covered stones, striking thanks to their variety of shapes and sizes. The setting is sublime and is worthy of a majestic film set, with the permission of the forests of Twilight. A legend surrounds this spot: a demon was said to throw the stones downhill until they crashed into the neighbouring village of Sant Feliú de Pallerols. The villagers, tired of his bad behaviour, begged God to help them. God sent one of his angels to Earth to bind the rocks with sturdy chains so that the Machiavellian creature would be unable to roll them over the edge. Thanks to this deed, you may well find magical creatures hiding among the passages between the crags.



And what can we say about the splendid Parador de Vic? It is the perfect destination to recharge your batteries, with the backdrop of the Guilleries mountain range and Sau reservoir. We recommend our Nature for the Senses programme for discovering the many wonders that surround the place. Routes on foot or by 4x4 are included in the experiences to bring out the full potential of the landscape. After a day of exploring, back at the Parador enjoy the traditional dishes of the region: coca del Mossèn, habitas a la catalana or butifarra with beans from Ganxet.