There's still time to plan a route to a few of our Paradores in Galicia. Delight in landscapes where there is always something green, viewpoints overlooking the breaking waves of the Atlantic, fortresses that become cozy hideaways and seafood like no other in the world. Enjoy a Galician getaway and explore a land of legends, landscapes and the cuisine of both land and sea! 

1. Parador de Pontevedra

For those seeking a travel destination that is surrounded by nature, exceptionally well-maintained and offers numerous outdoor activities, unique scenery and maximum relaxation! Today we take you to Doñana, a space recognized as a Biosphere Reserve in a National Park that has been declared a World Heritage Site. This Parador has everything you need to rest up, recharge and return from your vacation completely revitalized.

If you're among those who can proudly say "I'm in my 40s", this is your chance to enjoy a Paradores getaway at an incredible price.

When you returned from your summer holiday, did you ask yourself how long it would be before you could enjoy another getaway? Well, that time is now! At Paradores, we have created special offer for all of you in your 40, something you've been asking for. Now you can enjoy a getaway at one of our delightful hotels for just €40 per person!

What's left of summer is fast slipping through our fingers, but there's still time to say farewell in high style at one of our most enchanting hotels. Paradores recommends ten travel destinations where you can enjoy the last rays of sunshine before getting back to the routine.

Shall we begin? Just look at what our Amigos de Paradores have to say about the ten hotels we recommend for the final days of summer.

Parador de Lorca

This summer, why not opt for one of our most beautiful and fascinating nature destinations? Take advantage of this opportunity to indulge in sports where the only requirement is a love of exploring the surrounding mountains and green spaces. Have a look at the recommendations below and then book your stay at one of our nature Paradores today.

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