#ParadoresGardens: Did you know that the Parador de Chinchón has its own kitchen garden?
20 de August 2014

Parador de Chinchón Huerto

At this former Augustinian monastery in the heart of the Madrid town of Chinchón, we have created a special spot devoted to growing seasonal vegetables and garden produce so that you can enjoy all the flavor of freshly picked natural ingredients. Do you recall the aroma and the flavor of a garden tomato? The Parador de Chinchón has grown some specimens that will truly amaze you.

 Parador de Chinchón Huerto

In addition to tomatoes grown from seeds from Morata, the Parador team raises peppers and has created a wonderful section filled with aromatic plants, including lemon thyme, mint for desserts and sorbets, and basil. The flavors and aromas add a very special touch to the dishes we offer in our restaurant each day.

Parador de Chinchón pimientos Huerto

The Parador is well worth a visit. A little over 50 minutes from Madrid, it is the perfect spot for a getaway with friends or your partner. This peaceful, enchanting destination offers the best the land can provide, seasonal products ... from garden to table.

Parador de Chinchón Huerto

This is the perfect plan for foodies with a passion for natural products and quality!

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