There’s more to summer than just going to the beach, it’s also a time when you can enjoy a real spectacle for the senses thanks to the lavender fields. Relax by strolling alongside this scenic delight, close your eyes and appreciate its iconic relaxing aroma and, of course, take in one of the greatest treasures to be found in rural Spain. In this article, we suggest five top destinations. Remember: in July and August the lavender fields are at their most splendid.



If there is one season of the year that is perfect for planning getaways, it is spring. With a mild climate, the idea of exploring our territory is even more attractive, especially if you take into account all the options that Paradores offers. Whether you are looking for an environment to relax, to enjoy the culture, to revitalize and care for body and mind, or even to delve into history, you will always find something to suit your preferences. In addition, you will find the perfect complement for a rounded getaway in our restaurants.

Do you know what would be an essential plan that you mustn't miss this autumn? Exploring some of the marvellous forests of Spain. At this time of year, you can enjoy amazing experiences for your senses. This is the time when nature is at its best, in shades of ochre, brown, red and gold. Perfect for enjoying in its purest state from one of our Paradors, set in idyllic surroundings. Destinations from where legends and history emerge. Follow leafy trails to connect with the land and with yourself.

Are you looking forward to enjoying yourself this summer? At Paradores we want to do our bit to help you enjoy a few dreamy days away from the monotony. There are an infinite number of options at our hotels for you to decide how you want to spend your greatest holidays. Cool down in our incredible swimming pools, travel with your family (or with your pet) or make the most of your adventurous spirit: these are just some of our suggestions.

Menú infantil ParadoresAt Paradores, we love it when our guests bring their children to stay. Because we know just how wonderful the experience can be for them: waking up in a historic bedroom, running along the foot of walls like those inhabited by their imaginary heroes and keeping watch from the top of a tall tower, trying to spot the knights from their adventure story.

If you're among those who can proudly say "I'm in my 40s", this is your chance to enjoy a Paradores getaway at an incredible price.

When you returned from your summer holiday, did you ask yourself how long it would be before you could enjoy another getaway? Well, that time is now! At Paradores, we have created special offer for all of you in your 40, something you've been asking for. Now you can enjoy a getaway at one of our delightful hotels for just €40 per person!

Colunga, a town quite close to Cangas de Onís, is home to an attraction your little ones are sure to love: the Jurassic Museum of Asturias. With a building designed in the shape of a gigantic footprint of one of Earth's earliest inhabitants, each year this museum attracts more and more visitors, who come to enjoy everything it has to offer. In addition to a guided tour of the museum exhibits, which provides a wealth of information about dinosaurs, outside there are various life-size reproductions for both young and old to explore.