Fancy a trip to see one of the most impressive monuments of Catalan architecture? A spectacular ensemble that you cannot possibly envisage until you are inside? La Seu Vella will capture your heart. Just walking around and seeing this architectural marvel with its well-kept surroundings will transport you back to the time when it was built. What's more, if you stay at the Parador de Lleida, you can get there easily, as it's only a 4-minute drive or a 10-minute walk away.

The great river reaches its zenith in the delta, a place brimming with life and serenity. The Ebro Delta Natural Park exudes a breathtaking beauty where time seems to have stood still.

The Ebro extends its domain among the wetlands that reflect the flight of birds like mirrors. The river's flow is immense. Filled with water, it meanders weaving a beautiful green mantle that reaches its perfection in the delta where it creates one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean.


Would you like to learn about the secrets hidden in the Wise City and its traditional Castilian environment? We invite you to discover them from the Parador de Salamanca. This modern building, opposite the historic centre of the city, is located in Campo Charro, surrounded by meadows, bull ranches and small villages with picturesque customs. 

Ciudad de Salamanca

15 cities in Spain hold World Heritage status and all of them deserve a visit. UNESCO has recognised these cities as places that care for and maintain their cultural heritage and implement conservation plans.

Of the 15 World Heritage Cities in Spain, 11 have a Parador; one of our charming hotels from which you can discover unique places and destinations where heritage and culture take priority. 

You live in a spectacular spot, a group of islands where summer reigns virtually all year round, a place that is the envy of the entire world, a travel destination sought after by thousands of tourists during the summer months. Why not take advantage of the situation and plan a getaway to one of our hotels on the islands you call home?

We offer 5 Paradores to discover all the beauty of the Canary Islands.

Parador de Cruz de Tejeda (Las Palmas) 

An ornithological paradise, home to hundreds of birds and a refuge for endangered species. Extremadura is one of the regions within Europe that gives the most protection to birds. It has 69 protected enclaves to observe birds in total freedom.

If you are planning a trip to the north, include Gijón on your list of places to visit. This maritime city on the coast of Asturias holds some beautiful corners, buildings full of history and astonishing views.

One of the places you shouldn't miss is the Laboral City of Culture: stand on the centre, turn 360º and you will notice the magnitude of this architectural complex. Impressive.

If you like to enjoy your holidays outside the high season, looking for a greater relax, milder temperatures and more attractive prices compared to the summer season, seize the moment and make a travel plan to enjoy the colours of September.

Take note, let yourself be inspired and enjoy the pleasure of travelling calmly beyond the summer months.

Still haven't been to Teruel? We highly recommend adding this lovely area filled with stories and legends to your travel plans. Come visit the location of the tale of the famous Lovers of Teruel.

Teruel and the entire southern part of Aragón boast many charms. In fact, one day is simply not enough to discover them all. So we suggest a three-day trip to take this thrilling journey through history.