Why is the Parador de la Granja a must?
28 de September 2023
Alejandro Medina Rojo
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The Parador de la Granja is one of the jewels of the Parador network. Its original conception as a home for the servants of the sons of Carlos III, Don Gabriel and Don Antonio, gave rise to an imposing building more than 200 metres long. But if you cross the threshold, you will realise that its beauty is not limited to the exterior. In addition to its spacious and bright rooms that invite you to relax, there are three courtyards that hide a striking secret. The courtyard of "La Arqueta" houses a very modern system for evacuating dirty water, very advanced for the time in which it was built. 

But let's leave history aside for a moment and start to answer the question that is the title of this article: Why is the Parador de La Granja a must-visit? The family intrigues of the historical figures who lived there, the peculiarities of this establishment and the wide variety of activities you can do there make up the answer.




A house full of Royal anecdotes


The Royal House of the 18th century left us several anecdotes at the Parador de la Granja. It is said that Don Gabriel and Don Antonio de Borbón, although brothers, had opposite personalities. They were, as they say, "like oil and water". It is said that Gabriel was the favourite son of Charles III. The infant was a true lover of culture. While modern children love to tinker with video games, Gabriel's favourite pastime was translating from Latin. And what can we say about his brother? Although in his childhood he had a reputation for being a good-natured boy, over time he became a loyal defender of the absolutist monarchy imposed by his nephew, King Ferdinand VII. Every stone of the Parador has been witness to how the character of both of them was woven.



Palatial splendour in the Guadarrama Mountains


The Parador is made up of two buildings: the Casa de los Infantes and the Guardia de Corps, which is mainly used for events. Both are just a few metres apart. The Parador is located in one of the most beautiful towns in Castilla y León, La Granja de San Ildefonso. It is a charming garden city where the monarchy of the time wanted to find shelter for their leisure activities. At the Parador you can rest in spacious rooms with beautiful large windows. The comprehensive refurbishment carried out in 2007 has given rise to an interior that, without renouncing the historical essence of the building, has been able to combine modernity and avant-gardism. The lush gardens surrounding the establishment invite you to take a stroll and breathe the fresh mountain air.



In addition, the space has been reconfigured to include a spa and treatment room. In its menu of treatments you will find multiple options. But another thing you can't miss out on is the gastronomic offer of Castile-Leon. In the Parador's restaurant you can enjoy some of the best gastronomic gems in the province of Segovia: suckling pig, beans, Castilian soup and Segovian punch will make you want to come back time and time again.




A multitude of plans for all audiences


La Real Granja de San Ildefonso is a place that offers all kinds of cultural visits. On your routes through the area you will notice the peculiarity of its 18th-century Baroque streets. Pay a visit to the Tapestry Museum. Here you can see the textiles produced before the creation of the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid by Felipe V. These are Flemish works that adorned the luxurious castles of the past. And of course, don't miss a visit to the Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. King Felipe V fell in love with this place, so he ordered the construction of an enormous mansion with gardens surrounded by sculptures and fountains in the style of Versailles. 


Royal Granja de San Ildefonso Palace


Nature is also very present in the area. Near the Parador you can wear out your trainers with long walks in the Valsaín pine forest, a real natural paradise. There are more than 800 tree species catalogued here, such as the broom, broom, heather and strawberry tree. It is the habitat of mammals such as otters, roe deer, wild boar and bats. Its incredible attributes have led to the inclusion of this area in the Natura 2000 Network of protected areas in Europe. Alternatively, the Boca del Asno Recreation Area is a good spot for hiking routes along the Eresma River. It is perfect for children, as it has picnic areas and playgrounds.


Valsaín pine forest


And if you feel like going a little further afield, the surrounding area is full of places to discover. Segovia is ten kilometres from the Parador. A land that is characterised by its examples of Roman architecture, such as its mythical aqueduct. It is also home to the beautiful medieval fortress that was a source of inspiration for recreating the castle of the evil queen in 'Snow White' or the palaces of 'Cinderella' in Disney World (Orlando). Likewise, the Segovia Charming Villages route is another recommended excursion. It includes towns such as Sotosalbos, Madriguera, Maderuelo, Cuéllar and Coca. Another alternative available from this Parador is to visit Madrid and the variety of cultural, sporting and leisure activities on offer. It is only one hour away.


Alcazar of Segovia


As you can see, the tourist offer at the Parador de La Granja is quite extensive. We have only given you a taste of what you can find here, and we look forward to welcoming you in person and advising you on how to enjoy your stay. We look forward to welcoming you in person and advising you so that you can enjoy your stay. Would you like to make a reservation?