Have you ever dreamt of a landscape capable of making you feel both tiny and at peace? In this article, we would like to invite you to find just such a place in the Parador de Bielsa. This modern building, built in the style of a typical mountain retreat, is located at the foot of Monte Perdido, surrounded by an immense forest over which the peaks of the National Park rise.

Spain has a host of wonderful villages. And it’s not just us who say so, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) itself has published a list of the best rural areas around the world. Each country could present three proposals for recognition. In Spain’s case, all of the candidates were awarded. Guadelupe, Rupit y Pruït and Alquézar are now among the world’s best villages for tourism. Would you like to know what makes them so special? Keep reading.



If there is one season of the year that is perfect for planning getaways, it is spring. With a mild climate, the idea of exploring our territory is even more attractive, especially if you take into account all the options that Paradores offers. Whether you are looking for an environment to relax, to enjoy the culture, to revitalize and care for body and mind, or even to delve into history, you will always find something to suit your preferences. In addition, you will find the perfect complement for a rounded getaway in our restaurants.

It is always exciting to arrive at the establishment where you are going to stay during your trip, enter your room, open the curtains and confirm that a Parador was a good choice for your holidays. Most of our hotels have privileged views of their surroundings. Today we take a look at some Paradors in natural settings with panoramic views that will make a lasting impression and be engraved in your memory forever. Open the window of your room and, as well as breathing in the fresh air of nature, take a few minutes to appreciate your privileged surroundings.

If you like sport and travelling, we have the perfect proposal for this autumn. Cycling is one of the most popular sports in Europe. Aware of this, at Paradores we have equipped 27 of our establishments with everything you need to enjoy two wheels. There is a designated storage area, a workshop, a washing area and, in some Paradors, you even have the option of taking your bike up to your room. We have also designed routes so that you can enjoy cycling, whatever your level.

Are you looking forward to enjoying yourself this summer? At Paradores we want to do our bit to help you enjoy a few dreamy days away from the monotony. There are an infinite number of options at our hotels for you to decide how you want to spend your greatest holidays. Cool down in our incredible swimming pools, travel with your family (or with your pet) or make the most of your adventurous spirit: these are just some of our suggestions.

Would you like to enjoy the tranquillity of a unique natural environment with little traffic? In this article we would like to invite you to breathe pure air at the Parador de Gredos. This iconic building, the first of the Parador Network, is located in the heart of the Sierra de Gredos, an exceptional setting of endless forests and high rocky peaks.

Have you ever dreamt of a memorable getaway to the heart of nature? In this article we suggest you rediscover your dreams with a trip to Jarandilla de la Vera. This Parador in the province of Cáceres is located in Tiétar and La Vera Valley, surrounded by river gorges, natural pools and forests of chestnuts and oaks.

Paradores invites you to travel around Spain and discover the most historical and charming towns and locations, staying in unique accommodations. Therefore, we have prepared some videos, which will be posted weekly, in which we show you great spots that you cannot miss.