Have you ever dreamt of a memorable getaway to the heart of nature? In this article we suggest you rediscover your dreams with a trip to Jarandilla de la Vera. This Parador in the province of Cáceres is located in Tiétar and La Vera Valley, surrounded by river gorges, natural pools and forests of chestnuts and oaks.

Paradores invites you to travel around Spain and discover the most historical and charming towns and locations, staying in unique accommodations. Therefore, we have prepared some videos, which will be posted weekly, in which we show you great spots that you cannot miss.

Summer is almost over and it's time to start preparing for the colder months of autumn and Winter, and what better way to welcome autumn than by visiting Spain and staying at Paradores Luxury Hotels? There are many Paradores located in historic and cultural cities and surrounded by nature, so you can enjoy all the landscapes and things that Spain has to offer. Hiking with chilly air, walking around the city and then laying by the fireplace of the hotel while drinking a hot chocolate. What do you think?

If you like to enjoy your holidays outside the high season, looking for a greater relax, milder temperatures and more attractive prices compared to the summer season, seize the moment and make a travel plan to enjoy the colours of September.

Take note, let yourself be inspired and enjoy the pleasure of travelling calmly beyond the summer months.

Is that time of the year when the vegetation starts becoming reddish and the leaves start to fall, can you guess which season it is? Of course, it´s autumn, a great time of the year to visit some charming villages and stunning natural landscapes in Spain.

Do you have a bucket list? Either you do or don´t, these 2 natural wonders are something you have to visit at least once. Gujuli waterfalls and Salto del Nervión in the Basque Country are 2 stunning natural landscapes that will amaze you and make you fall in love with the nature wonders in Spain. These 2 spots are great for day-trips from the Parador de Argómaniz, a beautiful Renaissance palace in the Basque Country.

Have you ever been to the Columbretes Island? It´s a natural reserve formed by many volcanic islands with El Bergantín, La Perrera, La Horadada and Columbrete Grande among the most popular. This archipelago right in the Mediterranean, 25km off the coast of Castellón in the Community of Valencia, is paradise for everybody who visits it.