Territorio Paradores: Gredos. Feel the calm of nature
12 de June 2023

Would you like to enjoy the tranquillity of a unique natural environment with little traffic? In this article we would like to invite you to breathe pure air at the Parador de Gredos. This iconic building, the first of the Parador Network, is located in the heart of the Sierra de Gredos, an exceptional setting of endless forests and high rocky peaks.

Parque Regional de la Sierra de Gredos

Once again, the slogan "Territorio Paradores" has become our way of reaffirming our commitment to the development of depopulated areas through tourism and the revitalisation of the local economy. At Paradores, we work to protect the privileged environments of our establishments, promoting respect for them through education and the promotion of their uniqueness and beauty. Are you coming with us?

Location: Sierra de Gredos (Ávila)
Type of destination: Nature
Type of building: New building
Discover the Parador de Gredos

Vistas desde el Parador de Gredos



If you are a nature lover, this is the place for you. Crowned by a massif of steep, rocky peaks, the Sierra de Gredos welcomes visitors with breathtaking panoramic views, such as the one on the Circo de Gredos Route, marked by the beautiful lagoon and the silhouette of Almanzor, the highest peak in the region. A real spectacle to behold!

Paisaje en la Sierra de Gredos

But Gredos is a place of contrasts, with unique experiences above and below ground. Nine kilometres from Arenas de San Pedro, the Cuevas del Águila awaits you, a 50-metre-deep, 1,000-metre-long cave with incredible geological formations dating back more than five hundred thousand years. Of course, the temperature inside is a constant 17ºC, so don’t forget to bring a jacket!



The Sierra de Gredos is full of incredible spots. One of the most special, for its combination of nature and culture, is in the Puerto del Pico, a mountain path surrounded by exceptional scenery, and crossed by one of the best-preserved Roman roads in Spain. This route, which dates back to the 2nd and 1st centuries BC, served as a link between the northern plateau and the lands of Toledo and Extremadura.

Near the Parador there are also two charming little villages, former medieval towns that have now been declared Historic-Artistic Sites: Piedrahita and Arenas de San Pedro. 

Arenas de San Pedro



An extra incentive to visit the Sierra de Gredos is its attractive culinary offer, characterised by the simplicity and forcefulness of the mountain cuisine. Tasty traditional dishes, as is the case with the rest of Castilian cooking, in a proposal inherited from the pastoral tradition, based on top quality raw materials, rich in roasts and hearty casseroles.

Parador de Gredos - torreznos

Try the patatas revolconas con torreznos, migas del pastor, sopa castellana, Barco de Ávila beans, cured meats and game pates, trout, roast kid or suckling pig or one of the standards of the province, chuletón de ternera avileña ibérica 100% native breed steak. All of this is washed down with the elegant and rustic red wines made from Garnacha grapes from the Cebrecos PDO.



Parador de Gredos

Parador de Gredos


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