15 cities in Spain hold World Heritage status and all of them deserve a visit. UNESCO has recognised these cities as places that care for and maintain their cultural heritage and implement conservation plans.

Of the 15 World Heritage Cities in Spain, 11 have a Parador; one of our charming hotels from which you can discover unique places and destinations where heritage and culture take priority. 

 If you've got a plan, Paradores has got a terrace for you. June is the month of these spaces where friendships are forged, the first coffee of the day is drunk, the last drink at night... where great stories start, small things are enjoyed and summer time. The privileged sites where Paradores are located: medieval fortresses, the beachfront, parks, palaces, convents... all offer spectacular terraces in summer. Exclusive outdoor areas for which an intense programme of activities has been designed. 


Monuments, medieval castles and historic buildings are nowadays home to some of our charming hotels located in medieval surroundings. Cultural legacy, heritage and art can be found in the streets of the towns where these Paradores are located, which make your trip a journey through Spanish medieval history.

Lose yourself in the historic quarters, explore walled towns and dive into the tradition and architecture conserved for centuries through this trip to Paradores located in medieval destinations.

If you like to enjoy your holidays outside the high season, looking for a greater relax, milder temperatures and more attractive prices compared to the summer season, seize the moment and make a travel plan to enjoy the colours of September.

Take note, let yourself be inspired and enjoy the pleasure of travelling calmly beyond the summer months.

The heat has arrived and it's swimming pool time! Here at Paradores we're launching the bathing season at our unique swimming pools: pools beside castles, with views of Heritage Cities and within nature reserves... you have over 50 hotels to chose from where you can enjoy a summer swimming pool.

Parador de Carmona

Museums and more museums. The Andalusian coastal city of Malaga is more than just sun and sand; it also offers a wide range of cultural options.

Thyssen, Picasso and Pompidou: three names that are turning the city into a place for art lovers

Picasso museum

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