#ParadoresPlans: three-day getaway in Cardona
13 de March 2015

This is among the 10 best castles in Europe, where you will find one of our most enchanting hotels, the Parador de Cardona. The perfect travel destination for those who would like to experience a journey back in time, waking up beside a medieval castle. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience: a fine night's sleep in a historic building located at a spectacular height, offering views of the entire area.

You will feel as if you are truly back in the Middle Ages, surrounded by fosses, walls and high towers in a blend of the Gothic and Romanesque styles. This is also a wonderful chance to enjoy some of the traditional regional cuisine.

Discover Cardona

 Parador de Cardona


 Parador de Cardona

Day 1: Follow in the footsteps of history!

The Parador is a destination in itself and one of the most important sights in Cardona. So we recommend getting to know the castle: explore the passageways and discover all the secrets it holds. Don't miss the walls and incredible cloister. You'll be amazed! Take a journey through history.

 Parador de Cardona

Have you heard about the Paradores ghosts? They say that Room 712 at the Parador de Cardona is haunted: noises, voices, finding all the furniture piled together in the middle of the room ... these are just some of the strange phenomena our guests have reported experiencing in this room. Do you dare spend the night in Room 712?

 Parador de Cardona

Day 2: Montaña de la Sal

One of the must-see sights in the area is the Montaña de la Sal Nature Reserve, a mining facility filled with interior galleries, with the former extraction shaft on view, as well as an interesting museum where you can learn about the history of Cardona. There are also live interpretive tours. Perfect for children! 

Or perhaps you'd prefer some sort of outdoor activity? Do you enjoy walking or bicycling? Then you won't want to miss the Ruta de la Sal, a walking and cycling route that will take you past the stones of three former windmills along the course of the Cardener River.

 Parador de Cardona

After a long day's outing, you are sure to be hungry. We suggest getting your energy back by sampling some of the traditional local dishes at the Parador's medieval restaurant. You'll eat like a king and enjoy the house specialties: textures of cod with leek noodles, shoulder of kid goat and potatoes with onions, and curd cheese timbale with flower honey.

 Parador de Cardona

Day 3: Tour the town

And for a perfect ending to your visit, you won't want to miss Cardona itself ... a real medieval town that will surprise you at every turn. Wander the side streets! Visit the artisanal shops, they're lovely!

 Parador de Cardona

Sample some of the traditional local dishes and enjoy all the beauty Cardona has to offer. The views of the Parador are truly spectacular. Take this opportunity to snap a photo to prove that you survived the Parador's ghost!

At Paradores, we love reading all of the comments you leave when you return home. They are our inspiration. Here are just a few of the things you have said about Cardona.

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Liliana: "A castle fortress at the top of a hill, with views of the entire area, the salt mines and the town at its feet.
A comfortable stay, good food and the best service. Highly recommended."

Julián: We stayed in the room next to the one where they say there is a ghost and we didn't hear a thing.
The Parador is in an incredible spot. The dinner we enjoyed was a symphony of flavors and the location was incredible, in an old cloister."

Here's a map to help give you an idea of the location of the Parador de Cardona: