At Paradores it is a pleasure to start the day. Is there anything more satisfying than a good breakfast after a restful night's sleep? The complete and varied buffet breakfasts that Paradores generally offer, one of their hallmarks, have earned a fair reputation and are one of the services most highly valued by customers.


Have you ever dreamt of a memorable getaway to the heart of nature? In this article we suggest you rediscover your dreams with a trip to Jarandilla de la Vera. This Parador in the province of Cáceres is located in Tiétar and La Vera Valley, surrounded by river gorges, natural pools and forests of chestnuts and oaks.

At the restaurants of Paradores we keep some of the most traditional recipes of our country. We've been here for almost a hundred years, so we've experienced many, many memorable gastronomic moments. We are guardians of the gastronomy and add an avant-garde touch to product presentations provided these don't affect the essence of each of the recipes that have accompanied our history.