#ParadoresPlans: 3-day getaway to Lorca
11 de November 2014

Parador de Lorca

Did you know that the Parador de Lorca was chosen the Best Parador of 2014 by TripAdvisor users?

Here is what some of the travelers who have stayed at this Parador have to say:

"The Parador is in an unbeatable spot, dominating the entire city and surrounding countryside. Very comfortable, the staff was super friendly and you can tour the castle and ruins of the Jewish quarter. Excellent. It also has a spa with various types of massages and regimens. The café is very relaxed and has a great panoramic view of the city." (Ángel)

"At the top of the hill stands Lorca Castle, with the Parador beside it, blending in with the fantastic surroundings. You absolutely must visit the Castle of the Sol, Synagogue (with intact ruins) and the rest of the property. The rooms are very spacious and new, clean, with good views and a sitting room. Very friendly staff and excellent food." (Rosa)

Lorca is a travel destination for those who enjoy discovering the past and the traces it leaves on our cultural heritage. You will find walls, ancient towers, wells, synagogues and the Jewish quarter. It is one of those places you absolutely cannot miss. The legacy of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim civilizations, Lorca is a place to explore in your own time, at a leisurely pace.

Take a look at the 3-day plan we've put together to provide some tips for your next trip to this southern destination.

Day 1: Lorca, legacy of civilizations

Lorca has many lovely spots you'll love discovering: medieval walls, Christian towers that proudly watch over the city, Jewish quarters, wells, synagogues, the fruits of its long history and the civilizations that have marked the life of this city, the Christian, the Jewish and the Muslim. Did you know that they call Lorca the City of One Hundred Blazons? A stroll along the streets will show you that the name is well deserved: façades bear coats of arms and noble heraldry dots the buildings in this cultural travel destination.

Points of interest you absolutely must see include:

Lorca Castle, the Fortress of the Sun, is located right next to the Parador. It dates from the 13th century and offers incredible views of the city from a strategic location. There are guided tours and themed tours, making it a great choice if you're traveling with kids. By the way, in the Parador itself, located on the castle grounds, you will find the ruins of this ancient castle, the result of the preservation work carried out while the hotel was being built.

At the Parador, we have taken a great deal of care in maintaining the local culinary culture, offering the finest examples of Murcia's garden produce and Mediterranean products at our restaurant with a view of the city.

Parador de Lorca Restaurante

What are the highlights you just can't miss on the first day of your visit to the city? In addition to Lorca Castle, a must-see, we encourage you to explore:

  • Plaza de España, whose layout dates from the 16th century. The square is home to the Ex-Collegiate Church of San Patricio, which has been listed as a historic-artistic site.
  • The City Hall is a baroque building erected in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is listed as an asset of cultural interest.
  • Guevara Palace is among the finest examples of baroque civil architecture on Spain's central Mediterranean coast.
  • The House of the Counts of San Julián, a 17th-century building, combines the baroque and eclectic styles.
  • The main façade of Huerto Ruano Palace is flanked by two fortified towers. Its decoration and the existence of a garden and fountain were new features that set the standard for the eclectic local architecture of the 19th century.
  • The neoclassical Guerra Theater, located on Plaza de Calderón, opened its doors in 1861. It is the oldest theater in the Region of Murcia.
  • The Archaeological Museum (currently undergoing renovation) has pieces from the Paleolithic to the late Muslim period in Lorca on display.
  • The Museos de Bordados de Semana Santa (Museum of Holy Week Embroidery) displays the best work created over time by the various confraternities.

OK, what do you think of this first day? You might be exhausted from so much walking, so we're going to share a secret to help you get your energy back: come to the Parador spa!

Parador de Lorca Piscina SPA

Day 2: exploring the beaches and coves

If you're in your element by the water, this travel destination offers both beaches and coves just a stone's throw from Lorca. If you're planning a winter getaway, take the opportunity to enjoy a stroll beside the sea and feel the Mediterranean breeze, a moment of peace you won't forget. The municipality has 8 kilometers of well preserved coastline on the Costa Cálida.

Cala Blanca, Los Hierros, El Siscal, Baño de las Mujeres, Calnegre...there are so many to choose from. (Click here for a map of the Lorca coast to help you locate each of the beaches and coves.)

Playa Lorca @Turismo de Lorca

(Photo: Lorca Tourism)

Day 3: through history

We've left the most interesting sights in the city for the last day, especially if you're a fan of cultural tourism and are looking to discover the heritage of Lorca. Take advantage of this opportunity to do a guided tour of Lorca's Jewish quarter and 15th-century synagogue.

This tour provides an essential overview of part of the history of Lorca. It was listed as an area of artistic and historical importance in 1964. The baroque style was so important in the city that today we can still enjoy its undeniable legacy. Following the 2011 earthquake, Lorca has successfully rebuilt, allowing it to continue displaying its spectacular architectural legacy for visitors to a place that dates back to the Paleolithic. There is so much to discover in Lorca!

One more thing: although this article is a guide that will allow you discover the city and its surrounding area without missing any of the highlights, we would be remiss if we failed to mention Holy Week in Lorca, which has been listed as a national tourist attraction since 2007.

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