Discover the legacy of Al-Andalus with Paradores
08 de November 2013

Parador de Granada

Do you love traveling to places with history? At Paradores we have created the best routes to allow you to discover the most enticing spots in Spain. Today we recommend two of these, enabling you to explore the history and heritage of Al-Andalus.

The first includes seven incredible nights, starting at Málaga Gibralfaro and continuing on to Ronda, Antequera, Carmona and Córdoba.

The route travels to cities with wonderful gardens, such as Málaga, the Arab baths at Ronda, the alcazaba (citadel) in Antequera and the alcázar (fortress) in Carmona. And of course, there are two magical nights in Córdoba: the dream of the caliphs made reality, a city which even in the 21st century, has preserved areas where it is possible to appreciate the importance of the legacy of Al-Andalus. Highlights include the mosque-cathedral, the synagogues and really any corner of one of the most sought-after cities for tourists from around the world, who each year choose Córdoba as their travel destination. If you're eager to get starting on planning this route, click here to book your getaway!

Parador de Carmona

Córdoba is also the city that also marks the end of the second tour of the legacy of Al-Andalus we have put together at Paradores. It begins in Jaén, continuing on to Úbeda, Cazorla and Granada before spending the last two nights in the City of the Caliphs.

Parador de Úbeda - Courtyard

In Jaén, admire the view of the scenery from Santa Catalina Castle, giving you an idea of the importance of this spot as a strategic location during the Nasrid period. In Úbeda, established by Abd-ar-Rahman II, you will feel the presence and struggles of the Almoravids and Almohads during the 11th and 12th centuries in the stones of the city walls. The green gold so valued by the Muslims will begin to make an appearance along your route to the Parador de Cazorla. With the passing of the centuries, what we now know as extra virgin olive oil continues to be one of the key ingredients in our hotel chain's high quality cuisine. And from here, you continue on to Granada. What can we say about this stop along a route which explores the legacy of Al-Andalus? One night at this Parador will allow you to discover why Paradores can say it has some of the best locations of all Spain's lodging options. We need look no further than the Parador de Granada, which is located on the grounds of the Alhambra. Surprised? Well, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to wake up in this incredible spot, where the importance of this legacy has been preserved in almost every part of the complex, as well as the culinary offerings. And what would make the perfect end to this route? The Parador de Córdoba, where you can relive the incredible experiences of a unique trip as you stroll through the streets and squares. 7 enchanting days and 7 magical nights. Come travel with us! You can book your trip here.

Parador de Jaén