#ParadoresPlans: explore Ferrolterra on a two-day getaway
20 de January 2014

The many wonderful secrets of the Ferrolterra district await curious eyes. In just a few kilometers you can enjoy culture, gastronomy, nature and relaxation. Get ready to experience a thrilling trip on your stay at the Parador de Ferrol!

Parador de Ferrol

On the first day, we recommend a leisurely stroll through the town of Ferrol, where you will discover numerous examples of modernist architecture, both homes and public buildings (Antón House, Pereira House, Jofre Theater, La Magdalena Market, etc.). Each building boasts different bright and colourful decorative details. Be sure to include the Esteiro neighborhood near the shipyards. It offers such delightful spots as Casa del Patín (House of the Staircase) and the old naval hospital, today part of the university campus.

On Saturday, begin your day in the breakfast area of the Parador, which offers a fantastic view of the sea, and savor the magnificent buffet prepared each morning. To get an early start, you can visit the spectacular Magdalena Market, which showcases the best seafood products each Saturday. Next, head for the highest part of the city, the Canido neighborhood. We challenge you to find the illustrations by Ferrol painters located throughout the neighborhood, most linked to noted architectural sites. For the traditional aperitif, there is no better area than Paseo de la Marina, beside the sea, with a view of the entire Ria of Ferrol and "the other bank" (the towns of Ares and Mugardos on the opposite side of the ria).

In the afternoon, get ready to explore Ferrol's wilder side. There are dozens of kilometers of coastline, offering monumental castles, ancient coastal batteries and beaches you won't soon forget. We recommend beginning in Real Villa de la Graña with a visit to San Felipe Castle, where you can relive the past as you explore the courtyards and rooms. Continue along the coast to Cariño and Cape Prior, where the ria meets the sea. Following the coast, you'll come to Doniños, San Xurxo, Esmelle and Cobas beaches, all highly recommended for surfing. If you want, this is your chance to catch the 'first wave'! For the more courageous, Santa Comba Chapel is well worth a visit. Keep heading north to visit the border municipalities of Valdoviño and Cedeira, where you can get a look at the highest cliffs in Continental Europe. For a perfect end to your day, what better way to get your strength back than by dining on any of the fish brought to market each day by local fishermen? Enjoy them prepared using traditional methods at our Parador restaurant.

Parador de Ferrol restaurante

You can devote your last day to exploring one of the most secret spots in Ferrol, which was not open to the public until recently: the Arsenal (navy yard) and Navantia shipyard. In the era of Philip V, the decision was made to turn Ferrol into the capital of the Military Department of the North and the ideal place to build the royal shipyards. This decision has marked the development of the city to this day. You won't want to leave without discovering the area, with its spectacular parade grounds, staircases and weapons rooms. A visit to Navantia shipyard and Exponav will complete your maritime experience.

So how does this plan for a two-day visit to Ferrol sound? Don't wait a minute longer: book now for a getaway to a city filled with places to discover! 

Here is a map of Ferrol to help you get oriented.