Four autumn dishes to savor at Paradores
25 de September 2014

When the weather turns cold, at Paradores we get right down to work, preparing the most appetizing dishes for you to enjoy during the autumn months. Our chefs bring back classic recipes for the most traditional stews and other dishes for this season of the year, preparing them using the best local ingredients. At Paradores, we are experts in cold-weather cuisine ... now is your chance to try it. There's no time like the present!

Let us take you on a culinary tour of our Paradores restaurants, allowing you to sample a few of our most appetizing seasonal dishes.

  • Migas (fried breadcrumbs)

Made using a classic ingredient, good bread, migas are a traditional dish throughout central and southern Spain. Accompanied by egg and chunks of belly pork and chorizo sausage, for centuries they were a staple in the diet of shepherds, who combined stale bread and salt pork to sustain them during long days in the fields. Today this dish is prized for its incredible flavor and appeal, despite its simplicity. Each of our restaurants makes the recipe its own, adding or including different ingredients to accompany the country bread.

Parador de Albacete Migas Ruleras

Recommended locations for migas: the Parador de Alcalá de Henares, located in a World Heritage City just minutes from Madrid, and the Parador de Albacete, a relaxed La Mancha-style country house near the city.

  • Cocido (chickpea stew)

The Parador de Alcalá de Henares also offers another dish which traditionally helps fend off the cool autumn weather. Cocido is one of the most comforting dishes when the temperatures drop. And because it contains a variety of ingredients, it makes a full meal. Don't miss the chance to sample this dish in the Parador's Hostería Restaurant.

In addition to Alcalá, the Parador de Chinchón offers a truly memorable cocido, so much so that there is a special space where this dish is served: El Bodegón Restaurant, where guests can enjoy and savor authentic classic cocido.

Parador de Chinchón Cocido Completo de Taba

  • Judiones (broad beans)

The star of this hearty dish are the broad beans. Generally large in size, they are cooked and served with a variety of ingredients, including chorizo sausage, as well as pork ribs, belly pork and more. Their special texture and ability to absorb flavors over many hours of cooking, as well as the quality of the other ingredients that accompany them in our Paradores recipes, make this an especially perfect dish to enjoy during the cold-weather months.

Broad beans from El Barco de Ávila are protected by their own control board, ensuring the quality and traceability of this product and guaranteeing its place of origin.

Recommended restaurants for sampling this delicious dish: the Parador de La Granja, at the restaurant located in the heart of La Granja de San Ildefonso, just five minutes from the Royal Gardens; at the Parador de Ávila, where you can enjoy this dish after a morning exploring the magnificent city walls; or the Parador de Gredos, with views of the Pinar de Navarredonda, a wooded area with a walking route that begins almost at the entrance to the Parador.

 Restaurante Parador de La Granja judiones

  • Caldo gallego (bean stew)

This stew contains garden vegetables, local legumes and premium quality chorizo sausage, helping fend off the cold and wet of Galicia as you sample one of the tastiest dishes from this region. Caldo gallego is an explosion of flavor. While each restaurant adds its own personal touch, staple ingredients found in this dish are cachelos (Galician potatoes), fava beans, meat (both beef and pork), Galician chorizo sausage, turnip greens, turnips and cabbage. Everything is cooked in a large pot over low heat for hours, ensuring that each spoonful is filled with flavor. This is a dish to be savored at a leisurely pace.

You can find it in the Enxebre restaurants at our Galician Paradores.

 Caldo gallego restaurante Parador de Verín