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19 de September 2023

The Escorial in Burgos, which dazzled kings, writers and an emperor. A palatial refuge that will amaze you with its marvellous collection of art.

06 de September 2023

Summer nights in Spain are full of magic. As well as being the most pleasant time of the day when the heat is at its peak, our country has a bustling night-time atmosphere. Night owls can enjoy the beautiful sights in many cities and towns thanks to the fading lights of dusk. If you feel inspired rather than disoriented by the dark, here are a few suggestions for enjoying night time from Parador to Parador.



18 de August 2023

When thinking about holidays, many people look for destinations where they can enjoy outdoor activities or be amazed by the history and culture of our towns and cities. Others, however, are looking to enjoy the coast without having to take the car. Whatever your ideal holiday, at Paradores we have suggestions to make your summer perfect. Charming places, good cuisine and friendly service to make you feel at home. And of course, an excellent range of leisure activities for your free time.

10 de August 2023

Have you ever dreamed of a place where culture, sport and nature come together in perfect combination? In this article we invite you to discover all this at the Parador de La Seu d'Urgell. This building, combining a classicist 18th-century courtyard with a modern and elegant style, offers you an ideal starting point for exploring this beautiful corner of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, its history and abundant natural environment, and the best-kept secrets of its Romanesque tradition. 



10 de August 2023

August is beginning and with it, the best month to go on holiday and enjoy the summer. Do you feel like disconnecting from routine? Are you looking for a parador on the beach to show off your tan and enjoy a dip? And last but not least, do you feel like discovering traditional cuisine on your holidays? This week we invite you to discover six paradors that offer all this and much more. Are you ready for a trip along the Spanish coastline?

22 de June 2023


The magic of the sunny weather gives us the perfect excuse to immerse ourselves in the tapas culture and delve even deeper into the excellence of Spanish gastronomy. At Paradores, this ritual comes to life in a special way, highlighting good taste in every detail. Our terraces offer a memorable experience. Whether enjoying the freshness of natural surroundings, savoring the best local cuisine in Renaissance corners or contemplating a mesmerizing landscape from an elevated area, the good weather is experienced at Paradores like nowhere else.


22 de June 2023

Are you looking for a family plan for the summer holidays? Do you want a special place that also has plans for the youngest members of the family? At Paradores we offer you options all over Spain so that children can enjoy their family holidays to the full.


Piscina infantil


22 de June 2023

Are you looking for a nature activity for this spring? Do you want to get lost and disconnect in a unique place? We propose an authentic and exciting experience in the heart of the Huesca Pyrenees that will not disappoint. The Parador de Bielsa, a mountain refuge located at the gateway to Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, has a Nature for the Senses programme and offers activities for you to experience the treasures of the Pyrenees first-hand.


22 de June 2023

Spring is the perfect season for enjoying nature. A natural park next to the beach, in the mountains or next to a river canyon are some of the unique destinations where you can find a Parador. Enjoy the quality comfort and attention that characterises Paradores while you marvel at the best natural scenery in our country. Come and discover them!


22 de June 2023

Perhaps because scuba diving favours an escape from the routine and stress accumulated in day-to-day life, it is gaining more and more followers year after year. It is also one of the most complete water sports. Underwater, silence and tranquillity envelop everything. The absence of sound is only disturbed by the bubbling of the regulator and the sound of breathing, which becomes slow and deep. Under the sea, everything happens slowly.

21 de June 2023

National Geographic magazine has chosen the " medieval gems of Spain worth discovering". Villages with cobbled streets, historic walled centres and old convents and palaces where you can also find a Parador. Come and discover these nine Paradors and learn about their history. 

12 de June 2023

Would you like to enjoy the tranquillity of a unique natural environment with little traffic? In this article we would like to invite you to breathe pure air at the Parador de Gredos. This iconic building, the first of the Parador Network, is located in the heart of the Sierra de Gredos, an exceptional setting of endless forests and high rocky peaks.

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