Territorio Paradores: Salamanca. Feel the pulse of university culture
04 de May 2023

Would you like to learn about the secrets hidden in the Wise City and its traditional Castilian environment? We invite you to discover them from the Parador de Salamanca. This modern building, opposite the historic centre of the city, is located in Campo Charro, surrounded by meadows, bull ranches and small villages with picturesque customs. 

Ciudad de Salamanca

Once again, under the slogan "Territorio Paradores" we want to reaffirm our pride in being a hotel company committed to the development of depopulated areas through tourism and the revitalisation of the local economy. At Paradores, we work to protect the privileged surroundings of our establishments, making their beauty and uniqueness known and promoting respect for them. Will you join us again?


Location: Campo Charro (Salamanca)
Type of destination: Cultural
Type of building: New construction
Discover the Parador de Salamanca

Vistas de Salamanca desde el Parador



Salamanca is a land of contrasts, of study and tradition, of university and people. In its historic quarter, the oldest university in Spain awaits you, full of secrets such as the famous figures of the frog or the enigmatic astronaut in the cathedral and surrounded by illustrious figures and essential monuments.

Fachada de la casa de las conchas en la ciudad de Salamanca

But Salamanca also stands out for its more popular culture. In the surrounding area, you can visit beautiful little villages declared Historic-Artistic Sites, including Béjar, Candelario and La Alberca, or discover one of the most picturesque places in the province: Mogarraz, a small town that has turned its streets into a unique open-air art exhibition. Get ready to be amazed!



If you are passionate about nature, the Parador de Salamanca offers you an ideal starting point from which to discover the most iconic landscape of the Castilian plain: the Campo Charro with its characteristic Salamancan pastures, where the famous fighting bulls graze. Do not hesitate, embark on an exclusive safari through this unique landscape.

Salamanca is also surrounded by two Biosphere Reserves: the Sierras de Béjar and Francia, and the Iberian Transfrontier Reserve, which includes the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. Come and discover impressive panoramic views!  

Sierra de Francia en Salamanca



In a city throbbing with the hustle and bustle of the university, it is obligatory to go out for tapas, a true religion. Charra cuisine is essentially meat-based. The excellent meats and cured meats produced in the Salamanca dehesas, both beef and pork, are the star of the culinary offer, together with the famous pulses grown in its fields.

Jamón Ibérico en Salamanca

Morucha beef sirloin, suckling pig, Iberian acorn-fed ham from Guijuelo, lentils from La Armuña, beans from La Alberca, chickpeas from Pedrosillano, Meneás potatoes, hornazo (a typical local meat pie) and farinato (cold meat mixture) are some of the best dishes that should be accompanied by the renowned local wines of Los Arribes and Sierra de Salamanca. Enjoy them at the Parador restaurant!



Parador de Salamanca

Parador de Salamanca


Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo

Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo


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