Paradores Recipes: Fabada Asturiana
18 de February 2016

Dishes that fortify us against the cold winter days, dishes that taste of tradition, dishes that make you feel right at home, those are our Paradores stews. How would you like to make your own Asturian white bean and pork stew from our recipe? Of course, you can always enjoy this meal at the Especia restaurant at the Parador de Cangas de Onís and the Tamizia restaurant at the Parador de Gijón

Fabada asturiana Parador de Cangas de Onís

What ingredients do I need to prepare fabada asturiana?

  • 1 kg fava beans
  • 500 g Asturian blood sausage
  • 500 g Asturian chorizo sausage
  • 500 g cured belly pork
  • 5 g garlic
  • 1 dl extra virgin olive oil
  • 50 g paprika
  • Tbsp. salt

What steps do I follow? 

In this recipe, timing is very important in order to get the best out of these high quality products. Remember, patience is an extremely important part of cooking. You will need to begin soaking the fava beans and belly pork in cold water 24 hours in advance.

The next day, put the fava beans in a pot of cold water together with the meats and place it on the heat. In order to avoid cooking them too fast, it is important to remember to always keep the beans covered with water, adding cold water as necessary, interrupting the boil. Cook for approximately two hours, occasionally checking the beans to see if they are ready.

When the beans are cooked, remove the meats from the pot.

Lightly fry minced garlic and paprika in oil in a frying pan. Add the beans and season to taste. Set aside for a time to allow the beans to absorb the aroma and flavour of the garlic mixture.

How should this dish be served?

Serve the beans and meats separately, allowing each person to choose their own portions. Bon appétit!