Four Spanish destinations that captivated the cast of Game of Thrones
12 de June 2024
Alejandro Medina Rojo


On 17 June, the second season of one of the most eagerly awaited series of recent times arrives in our homes: The House of the Dragon. This prequel to the successful series Game of Thrones has once again chosen Spain as the setting for its impressive plot. The medieval beauty of our cities and other majestic locations, worthy of kings, princes and princesses, has made our country the favourite film location for American production. If you are a faithful follower of this story, you will love to visit in person all the places where the long-awaited feature film was shot. Best of all, there is a Parador in each selected city, allowing you to enjoy the fiction up close. What are you waiting for to embark on this cinematic journey?


A return to the Middle Ages in the Plaza Mayor of Trujillo


During the filming of The House of the Dragon, Trujillo was transformed into a reminiscence of Westeros. Several places were chosen to take us back to the past, but if there is one that we can easily identify, it is the town's main square. The statue of the legendary conquistador, Francisco Pizarro, was replaced by a dragon and a medieval market was set up to highlight the customs of the Middle Ages. La Alberca, a pool of Islamic origin that still conserves vestiges of the old canal system that channelled the waters to the fields of San Lázaro and San Juan, also appears at different times and is also significant throughout the story.

Just five minutes from the Plaza Mayor square is the Parador de Trujillo. It is an ideal starting point to follow in the footsteps of The House of the Dragon and soak up the city's artistic tradition. For example, the Palace of the Pizarro, which was the residence of Francisco Pizarro's brother and daughter, is like a journey back in time to the Renaissance era. On the other hand, the late Gothic church of San Torres is surprisingly well-preserved and imposingly robust. To round off our adventure, there is nothing like sitting at the table and letting yourself be seduced by our dishes that will simply whet your appetite, in particular, zorongollo or juicy beef sirloin.



Cáceres, the city that seduced the cast of The House of the Dragon


After his visit to Cáceres, the actor in the series, Fabien Frenkel, revealed that it was one of the most beautiful cities he had ever been to. In the first season of Game of Thrones, 25 locations of the Extremadura town were chosen for filming, including the Plaza de San Jorge, which became the favourite place to depict the arrival of the king. Now, in this new instalment, the streets of Cáceres return to the screen to accompany the character of Daemon Targaryen. Thanks to his exploits, some of the city's emblematic places can be seen, such as the Santa María square or the Aldana slope, which leads to the Aldana House, famous for being a significant work of Gothic-Mudejar architecture in Spain.

Visiting the film locations is quite simple, as the Parador de Cáceres is in the heart of the city. As a curious fact, the Parador, like The House of the Dragon, has its roots in the Middle Ages, evident in its construction with adjacent towers. But it is also a faithful witness to the passage of time, since one of its façades follows the neoclassical principles of the 18th century. Can you imagine enjoying a well-deserved refreshment on the terrace of this place full of art and history?



Granada as the home of the fantasy city of Pentos


From Extremadura we travelled to the castle of La Calahorra in Granada. The imposing fortress served as a film location for several night scenes in the fantasy city of Pentos. Although it is a private property, the series shows the cultural richness that it holds inside. This 16th century architectural complex, officially declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, was a pioneer in the introduction of the Renaissance style in Spanish civil architecture. Thanks to the artists and the techniques and materials imported from Italy, it became a true architectural jewel.

And speaking of architectural gems, the Parador de Granada is located inside one of the most representative works of our country: the Alhambra. Here, Muslim and Christian culture go hand in hand, and during your stay you will discover the original courtyard, now transformed into a cloister, the Arab hall and the qubba. The latter is a perfect place to contemplate one of the best views of the Generalife and where you will also find the provisional tombs of the Catholic Monarchs. As a final touch, there is nothing like taking a gastronomic journey to explore the Oriental recipe book. Dishes such as Nasrid breua and monkfish in Mozarabic sauce, culinary legacies of Al-Andalus, feature on the menu of our restaurant.



The Gardens of St. Clotilde welcomed Princess Rhaenyra


During the presentation of the heir to the throne, Princess Rhaenyra, a royal location was essential. For this, the crew filmed in the Girona town of Lloret del Mar, specifically in the impressive Santa Clotilde Gardens. Located on a cliff, between the paradisiacal cove of Boadella and the beach of Fenals, the garden has a rich variety of plants that have been pruned in an original way, and steps decorated with ivy that seem to simulate a high waterfall of foliage. And the most curious thing? There are several nods to classical mythology in these gardens, as can be seen in the statues of Venus, the mermaids paying homage to the oceans and Cupid.

Without leaving Girona, the Parador de Aiguablava awaits you. It is an absolutely paradisiacal enclave, perched on Punta D'es Muts, with incredible views of the Costa Brava. A stroll through the radiant pine forest that surrounds the building is enough to discover other natural areas of the Catalan town. And if you want to spend part of your holiday relaxing, we recommend you book the wellness treatment "Aromatic Energy Massage" to release accumulated stress and muscle tension.