Discover night tourism with Paradores
06 de September 2023

Summer nights in Spain are full of magic. As well as being the most pleasant time of the day when the heat is at its peak, our country has a bustling night-time atmosphere. Night owls can enjoy the beautiful sights in many cities and towns thanks to the fading lights of dusk. If you feel inspired rather than disoriented by the dark, here are a few suggestions for enjoying night time from Parador to Parador.




Parador de Carmona

The Parador de Cardona is located in the province of Barcelona. Its medieval complex on the top of a promontory is one of the most outstanding tourist sites in Catalonia to visit at night. The lighting over the moats, towers and Gothic walls will give your visit a unique touch of mysticism as you stroll through the streets. And if you are a lover of mystery and the inexplicable, be sure to ask our Parador staff about the shadowy legends that the castle hides. This will surely add a touch of excitement to your visit if you are not faint-hearted.


Parador de Córdoba

The Parador de Córdoba, as well as offering spectacular views, is only a few minutes away from the city. Cordoba's nightlife is a tourist attraction in itself. As well as enjoying the lively nightlife while dining in the Jewish quarters, there are plenty of things to do or visit. We recommend a stroll through the streets, crossing the Roman bridge and admiring the imposing Cathedral covered in hues of orange, or the Alcázar, the former residence of the Catholic Monarchs. But a visit at night to the imposing mosque is a must. And if you want more, visit the nearby Medina Azahara for a guided tour by night. An experience you will never forget.


Parador de Granada

Another ideal city in Andalusia to visit at night is Granada. Arrive at dusk and, from viewpoints such as "La Verea de Enmmedio", enjoy a majestic panoramic view of the Alhambra. The twilight colours visible in the distance behind the ancient seat of the Nasrid kingdom immerse you in one of the best preserved paradises of Muslim and medieval Spain. Be sure to go on a night-time tour organised by the Alhambra. Our Parador is inside the Alhambra itself, built on the site of a former Nasrid palace. Or go out at night and stroll through the streets of the Albaicín neighbourhood and enjoy the generous cuisine of the city. And of course, don’t miss the best flamenco in the caves of Sacromonte.


Parador de Ronda

The surroundings of the Parador de Ronda are beautiful by day, but at night they are even more superb. The New Bridge, the historic quarter and the famous bullring are essential visits. From the bridge, admire the best photo-opportunity of the Parador and one of the most beautiful and representative views of the city after sunset. On the other hand, Ronda has a wide range of nightlife options. Dining or having a drink in the streets or squares is always a good idea. You can also enjoy guided night-time tours to discover this jewel of a city when the temperature is at its best.



Parador de El Saler

Valencia is one of the tourist destinations with the best night-time ambience. Next to the historic quarter is the Carmen neighbourhood, one of the liveliest areas of Valencian nightlife. Other interesting nightlife options can be found in the port area and at Malvarrosa beach. Here are seaside bars and clubs where you can have a drink and enjoy the summer. About 25 minutes from the city, the Parador de El Saler awaits you. Just in front of the Parador is a natural beach where you can take a relaxing walk accompanied by the sound of the waves. But beforehand, don't forget to ask at reception about the boat trips on the Albufera that take place at sunset. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you will learn about the history and economic activity of the place.


Parador de Carmona

Another interesting choice for night owls is to stay at the Parador de Carmona and, from this beautiful city in the province of Seville, take the opportunity to get to know the city of Seville, 35 minutes away. There are countless plans for enjoying the night: night cruises on the Guadalquivir, visits to the cathedral rooftops, guided tours, climbing the Ferris wheel on the banks of the river, enjoying the city’s cuisine, its entertainment venues and flamenco.... It is impossible to get bored. 


Parador de Cáceres

In the heart of the historic quarter of Cáceres, a World Heritage City, stands the monumental Parador, a complex of two palaces that combine Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles. At night, the city wakes up with the drop in temperatures and fills with visitors. And it is no wonder as,  in 2018, the county won second place in the national Technical Architecture Awards for the illumination of the medieval town. Enjoy the sight while you take one of the guided tours of the city or savour the town's excellent cuisine.



Did you know that some of our Paradores offer astronomical activities with the Starlight seal of approval? At Paradores we always strive to offer sustainable tourism proposals and we never stop trying, not even at night. In this case literally, as these stargazing activities are designed to discover the universe around us and raise awareness of the importance of avoiding light pollution.

You can enjoy the Starlight experience at the Parador de Gredos, located in an unpopulated area with clear skies. Observe the sky with the latest generation telescopes provided by our guides. On the other hand, the activity "Under the starry mantle of the Geopark" takes place at the Parador de Guadalupe. From the spectacular landscapes of the Dehesa, observe one of the most beautiful skies in Extremadura. The astronomical contemplation will both amaze you and help you to understand the complexity of the universe.