Cycle tourism in Paradores

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Cycling is the sport with the largest number of followers in Spain. Improving health, enjoying the landscapes in a more leisurely way, contributing to improving the environment... the reasons are many for more and more people to choose this way of traveling. Whether you like to take long trips by bicycle, or use it for short excursions to your destination, at Paradores we want to accompany you on your trip and we have adapted several of our establishments so that you do not lack for anything and can continue pedaling without worries.

Cicloturismo en Paradores


Cicloturismo en Paradores
Let nothing stop you

Find everything you need in your Parador

Zona de custodia

Identified custody area


with capacity for at least 10 bicycles

Zona de taller

Workshop area




Personalized routes


made by each Parador


Shops, workshops and associated bicycle rental services


in the vicinity

Subir bicicleta a la habitación

Possibility of uploading the bicycle to the room


Optional service (ask at the Parador)

Zona de lavado

Washing area with drainage and water intake (interior or exterior)


and support for the bicycle. Optional service (ask at the Parador)

Map of Paradores prepared for cycling


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