Six suggestive preparations to celebrate Hamburger Day at Paradores
28 de May 2024

International Hamburger Day is celebrated on May 28, a day dedicated to extolling this irresistible bite of minced meat between bun and bun that, at the whim of the influential Yankee culture, has ended up becoming one of the most iconic dishes in world gastronomy. A dish that gives a lot of play because it has infinite possibilities and all of them delicious.

Within the more casual culinary proposal of Paradores, hamburgers have a fixed space in the gastronomic spaces of the cafeterias that offer more informal and affordable menus. These dishes are generally found in the “Between 2 breads” section, together with other attractive “sandwiches” such as traditional and local snacks.


Hamburguesa del Parador de Segovia

Hamburguesa del Parador de Segovia.


We are talking about premium hamburgers far removed from the junk food concept associated with fast food. With a differentiated offer in each Parador, they are made with top quality beef heifer or Angus, Retinta, Asturian or Avileña Black Iberian 100% native breeds, are customized in each establishment and are prepared to the taste of the consumer -as the point is asked to the customer-, always accompanied with baked potatoes, fries or quality chips.


Local artisan cheeses as a letter of introduction


One of the differential elements is the incorporation of local artisan cheeses, such as Cadí, in Aiguablava; Eht Blanquet, in Arties; payoyo, in Cádiz; Cuevas del Mar goat cheese, in Cangas de Onís, San Simón da Costa, in Tui and Vilalba; Urgelia, in Lleida; Roncal, in Olite and Sos del Rey Católico, Manchego, in Oropesa, Cerrato, in Cervera de Pisuerga; Arzúa, in Pontevedra; de Cameros, in Santo Domingo, de Brihuega, in Sigüenza; Vidiago, in Corias, Tou dels Til-lers, in Vielha, Pinto sheep, in Zafra...


Hamburguesa Regional que sirven en la Terraza de Gil Blas, de Santillana el Mar: Ternera Tudanca 100% autóctona, queso de torta pasiega, jamón ibérico y gajos de patata asada

Hamburguesa regional de la Terraza de Gil Blas.


In addition, the toppings vary according to each establishment with a sample book in which you can find arugula, fresh, dried or roasted tomato, caramelized, candied or pickled onion, lettuce, green leaves, tender sprouts, bacon, egg, Iberian bacon, gherkin, eggplant, fried sweet potato, piquillo peppers...

Beyond ketchup and mustard, some Paradores give it their personal touch with special dressings such as the cheese sauce of Alcañiz or Almagro; the mayonnaise of amontillado in Antequera, of “smoke” in Benicarló, of eggplant in Almagro or of boletus in Sigüenza; the spicy sauce of Baiona or the tomato compote that accompanies the breaded brie cheese in Limpias.


Sopleteado de hamburguesa en el Parador de Pontevedra

Arzúa cheese blowtorched in front of the customer at the Parador de Pontevedra


Also, gleaning through the menus, you can find unique surprises, such as the Ahrás spiced veal burger from the Parador de Granada, the also arabesque halal veal burger on tashnif bread (Moorish cake) from Melilla or the deer burger with sweet and sour dried fruit and goat cheese served in Toledo.


Alternatives for vegetarians

The Paradores burger menu is completed in practically all the gastronomic spaces with a vegetarian option made with vegetable proteins, in this case peas, whose base is the same for the entire network, but which offers a differentiated proposal in each establishment as a result of the complements used.

A wide and varied pantry that gives rise to suggestive elaborations such as the special vegetable hamburger with asadillo and pisto manchego, in Alarcón; with hummus, broccoli and pickled onion, in Almagro; with grilled vegetables, in Ávila; with spinach, boletus, green asparagus and chickpea cream, in Carmona; with guacamole, tofu and arugula, in Cazorla; with truffle mayonnaise and walnuts, in Chinchón; with dried tomato, paprika cheese and bearnaise sauce, in Jávea; with avocado and red almond mojo, in La Palma; with lettuce, tomato and soy yogurt sauce, in Vielha, or with sautéed spinach and apple with spiced tomato jam, in Zafra.


Our recommendations:

And as we know that there is no one who can resist the temptation of enjoying a good burger, here is a recommendation of half a dozen of our specialties for you to enjoy the Burger Day.


Heifer hamburger


In the Asturian cheese bar, the gastronomic space of the Parador de Cangas de Onís, you can taste a spectacular heifer burger, in which the quality of the meat stands out, representative of the traditional gastronomy of the eastern part of the Principality and the Picos de Europa. Along with the beef, it is made with caramelized onion and Cuevas del Mar native goat cheese made in Pria (Llanes), with a very pleasant and slightly sweet flavor, and crispy bacon to give it a contrast of textures. Price: 16 €.


Hamburguesa del Parador de Cangas de Onís


The burger at the end of the world


At the Parador Costa da Morte, overlooking the end of the world, they also offer a heifer hamburger which, in this case, is accompanied by Arzúa-Ulloa P.D.O. cheese from Lugo, a soft and creamy cheese made with milk from Galician cows, arugula and dried tomato. As a garnish, roasted Galician potatoes cut into wedges are served with sautéed onions and tomatoes and an avocado cream dressing. Price: 15,5 €.


Hamburguesa del Parador Costa da Morte


Angus beef and roasted canarian cheese


Amidst the mist that surrounds the Canarian peaks, at the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda they serve a tasty Angus beef burger, that bovine breed originating in Scotland that is characterized by its high degree of marbling (level of fat infiltration). It is given the local touch with semi-smoked grilled cheese from Valsequillo, a smoked semi-cured goat cheese from native Canary Island breeds that is grilled to melt and become creamy. Combined with the flavor of beef, brioche bread and topped with local vegetables, the result is a delight. Price: 15,5 €.


Hamburguesa del Parador de Cruz de Tejeda


Moorish specialty in the ancient Nasrid kingdom


In the gastronomic space El Almorí del Generalife of the Parador of Granada you can enjoy the Ahrás Burger. It is an elaboration of Andalusian influence based on beef seasoned with Moorish spices to which is added lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and cheese, which is accompanied by potatoes, herb mustard and ketchup. Price: 18 €.


Hamburguesa del Parador de Granada


Cadiz hamburger duo


Overlooking the immensity of the Atlantic and enjoying postcard sunsets, in La Tacita del Atlántico del Parador de Cádiz you can taste its hamburger made with Retinta beef, a 100% native breed characteristic of the province of Cadiz that gives a very tasty meat, Payoyo native goat cheese and smoked bacon along with another special vegetable burger that is accompanied by havartis cheese, a variety of cow's milk of Danish origin suitable for this type of elaborations for its melting capacity, and prepared with romescu sauce, tofu and arugula. These specialties can also be enjoyed in the gastronomic space of the cafeteria. Price: 15,5 €.


Hamburguesa de retinta del Parador de Cádiz

Hamburger with retinta


Hamburguesa vegetal del Parador de Cádiz

Vegetable burgers