The Many Routes of the Way of St. James
06 de May 2014

El Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, is a renowned religious journey with varying routes, perfect for your holiday in Spain. This pilgrimage is Christian in origin and it is named after St. James who journeyed to Spain to spread the gospel.

History and homage

The Way of St. James is world-renowned due to its large grouping of pilgrimage routes which lead to the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela. This network of routes gained UNESCO acclaim in 1993 for its appeal and continues to draw thousands of people year after year.

One pilgrimage, many routes

There are several different routes to take this pilgrimage, including the French Way, the Northern Way, and the Original Way.

Of the three, the French Way, a total of almost 900 kilometres, is the most popular. This route begins in the Pyrenees and continues through La Rioja and Castille and León towards Galicia. Two slight variants are usually taken for this route and later meet at the central point of Puente la Reina to continue forward.

A stay at the Parador Santo Domingo de la Calzada would make a perfect fit, as it is on the way to the final destination of this journey. This hotel is rich with history, as it used to be a hostel for pilgrims.

Parador Santo Domigo de la Calzada

Parador Santo Domingo de la Calzada

If scenic views are what you delight in, the Northern Way, which runs along the northern coastline of Spain trailing the Cantabrian Sea, is the Way of St. James for you to take. In the past, this way was used by the religious pilgrims avoiding Muslim occupied territories. Once the halfway point is reached at Oviedo, this route can continue to be taken or trekkers can switch to the Original Way.

Combine this pilgrimage with a stay at the Parador Santillana del Mar, en route and suitable for a night (or two) stay as a stopping point. The property is rife with both luxury and rustic charm.

Parador Santillana del Mar

Parador Santillana del Mar

With a starting point in Oviedo and the rest of the route trailing through where the grave of St. James was initially discovered, the Original Way is an old favourite of pilgrims from back in the day. Once it leaves Oviedo, it goes through Asturias and meets the French Way.

Combine this spiritual journey with a luxurious stay at the Parador Santiago de Compostela. This Parador property, alternatively known as Hostal dos Reis Católicos, features artistic and historic charm, housed in the oldest hotel in the world. The hotel was originally built in 1499 as a royal hospital and still continues to astonish guest after guest today. As an added plus, all those ending the Way of St. James pilgrimage can be treated to a free lunch, in keeping with the long-standing tradition of the first ten trekkers receiving a hot meal free of charge.

Parador Santiago de Compostela

Parador Santiago de Compostela

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