Cáceres' Top Five, Must See Sights
27 de August 2014

The site of some of Spain's most intense historical rivalries, Cáceres is a fascinating mix of cultures and styles, ranging from the initial, Roman presence, to a significant impact by Muslim rulers during the period of Islamic rule, to the bombastic palaces that came to make up the city over the course of the Renaissance.

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Parador CáceresParador Cáceres

  1. Cáceres' Old Town: Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city's Old Quarter reflects a rich mix of Islamic, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The city walls and many of the towers were built by the Almohads, while some traces of the ancient Roman wall can also be seen. The true masterpieces belong to the 15th and 16th centuries, when the aristocratic families built Renaissance palaces less focused on defence and more on ostentatious elegance. The Casa de Aldana and the Palacio Toledo-Moctezuma (built for the grandson of the Aztec who had greeted Cortes when he reached Mexico) are required stops.


  1. Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe: Located in a valley surrounded by soaring mountains, this is one of the country's most important religious sites, as well as an architectural wonder, with artwork by Francisco de Zurbarán and Luca Giordano. It remains a pilgrimage site even today.


  1. Plaza Mayor de Trujillo: The nearby city of Trujillo's Plaza Mayor is well-worth the visit due to its renaissance style and statue of its famous native son, conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Grand palaces and noble homes surround the long, rectangular square.


  1. El Arco de la Estrella (Star Archway): This has been Cáceres' main gateway since the 15th century and it is crowned by a statue of Our Lady of the Star. It was here that the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabel, swore to obey the city's sacred laws. 


  1. Cáceres Museum: Located within two ancient palaces, the museum is a great way to get to know the city's history via the objects that shaped its evolution throughout its turbulent, multicultural history. The delicate Islamic arches within the Casa de las Veletas are especially worth seeing.


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