A Volcanic Paradise in the Canary Islands
26 de June 2014

Located off the coast of northern Africa, Spain's Canary Islands are volcanic wonders that are home to some of nature's most spectacular landscapes... As well as some of the finest Paradores' luxury and historic hotels!

Enjoy a unique holiday in Spain with a visit to this magnificent archipelago which experiences year-round temperate weather and offers incredible ocean views no matter which island you visit. Climb to a volcano's peak, relax on the beach, wander around ancient forests or go snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters. Whatever you seek, the Canary Islands have what you're looking for.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Gran Canaria, the 'big' island, is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a natural paradise divided into a wide variety of environmental spaces including Tamadaba Natural Park, Nublo Rural Park, the Barranco Oscuro Nature Reserve and the Maspalomas sand dunes. Visit them all and witness first-hand how dramatically the landscape changes from spot to spot. Use Parador Cruz de Tejada, a picturesque, traditional lodge, as your base to explore the vast terrain and countless hiking routes that extend throughout the island.

Those seeking a more reduced expanse to explore can head over to the smaller El Hierro Island, the entirety of which is a Biosphere Reserve. Parador El Hierro is your home on the skirt of the grand, volcanic mountain, right on the Atlantic seashore. Take a dip in the Maceta natural pools, considered to be the best in the world, and delight in the views from the Isora vantage points.

Parador El Hierro

The volcanic beach  by Parador El Hierro

A whistled language

Parador La Gomera, a traditional manse with great views of Tenerife on the horizon, is the perfect place from which to explore Garajonay National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Use your time here to learn about the Silbo Gomero, a whistling language used by islanders to communicate across La Gomera's deep ravines.

Parador La Gomera

The swimming pool at Parador La Gomera

Other options on the archipelago include Parador La Palma, where you can stroll in the fruit garden prior to visiting the Teneguía and San Antonio volcanos or any number of the world-class beaches. To really get up close and personal with the massive volcanoes, visit Parador Las Cañadas del Teide, with spectacular views of Mount Teide, Spain's highest peak.

Parador La Palma

The gardens at Parador La Palma

Ready to conquer the Canary Islands? Contact Paradores Cruz de Tejada, El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma or Las Cañadas del Teide today!