#ParadoresPlans: 3-day getaway at the Parador de Olite
31 de March 2014

Today we head to a mysterious destination, a palace/castle listed as a national monument and located in a truly charming town with much to see and do. We're going to Olite!

The Parador de Olite is housed in a spectacular palace/castle just 42 kilometers from Pamplona. Originally built in the 14th century, the site has withstood the passing of time. Today, part of the complex is home to a Parador with 42 guest rooms and all the amenities and high quality service guests have come to expect from our hotels.

Oh, and by the way, Olite numbers among the group of Paradores shrouded in mystery and legend. Tales tell of a prince who was so comfortable living in the castle that he refused to leave. Who could it be? When you arrive, be sure check out his painting, which is always lit up. No matter what we do, the light never strays from his image.

Day 1: exploring the Royal Palace of Olite

The sheer size of this majestic building makes a leisurely visit necessary. You can explore the palace on your own, or if you'd like to learn more about the building and its history, allow one of the specialized guides to take you on a tour. Hours vary depending on the time of year, so we recommend checking in advance to ensure that you are able to see everything you'd like during your stay. 

 Parador de Olite

As you'll be staying in the actual palace, today is a good day to savor the Parador's cuisine. Be sure to try the house speciality: mouthwatering fried eggs with chistorra sausage.

Parador de Olite Plato Estrella

Day 2: walks in the area

Because of its exceptional location, the Parador de Olite offers the perfect departure point for a one-day excursion to explore the area. There are several hiking trails and conveniently located paths leading to some of the local points of interest:

  • Santa Brígida Chapel, less than 7 kilometers from Olite, can be reached on foot or by mountain bike.  
  • Trail to Beire, a little over 6 kilometers through farmland, starting at the bridge over the Cidacos River and running through vineyards and fields of grain. 

Before setting off on your walk, take time for a relaxed breakfast. Sample all the delicacies we prepare daily for the Parador's breakfast buffet.

 Parador de Olite

Day 3: for the most adventurous

If you'd like to bid farewell to this experience with some of the most intense sports, this is the perfect place. Ask in reception for information about:

  • A day of mountaineering.
  • Hang-glider flights.
  • How about paragliding? It's also available here.
  • If you'd rather do a bit of jumping and climbing through complex terrain, spend the day canyoning.
  • Depending on the time of year you visit, a white water descent is a must!

So how about it? All that's left to do is book your super getaway at the Parador de Olite

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This map of the area will help you get oriented and move around the area.