Five Common Misconceptions About Spain
23 de May 2014

Spain is all about flamenco, paella, siestas, unexceptional wine and olive oil, and people who greet you with a hearty "¡Hola!", right? Not necessarily. Thanks to its rich history and geographic wealth, Spain is an extremely diverse country where it can actually take some effort to run into the classic stereotypes.

Fortunately, those seeking to engage in the most emblematic elements of Spanish culture during their holiday in Spain need look no further than Paradores' luxury and historic hotels. With exceptional locations in every corner of the country, you'll have no trouble finding spots to dance with castanets and even take an afternoon nap (or two) while here. 

But first, let's clear up some of the misconceptions:

  • Flamenco is found in all of Spain. Flamenco is a traditional folk music and dance belonging to the southern region of Andalusia... So you won't find much of it in Catalonia or the Basque Country. To take in a traditional tablao -flamenco show- visit Parador Granada, located within the city's iconic Alhambra Palace complex, in the very heart of flamenco country.
    Parador Granada

Parador Granada

  • And so is paella. Indeed, paella is a specifically Valencian rice dish, originating from the country's Mediterranean coast. Visit Parador El Saler to have a scrumptious serving in the region where this famous dish was invented.

Parador El Saler

Parador El Saler

  • Everyone sleeps siesta every day. While many Spaniards would wish to take a nap each afternoon, the demands of the 21st century make it difficult. That said, all guests are welcome to enjoy this great pastime at any of Paradores' luxury and historic hotels.

Parador Argomaniz

Parador Argómaniz

  • Spain doesn´t have very good wine and olive oil. Although neighbours France and Italy may be known for their wine and olive oil respectively, Spain has its own spectacular versions of these products. Seeking a fine tinto? Visit Parador Calahorra, located in the centre of La Rioja's wine country. Want to try life-changing olive oil? Parador Jaén is set amongst Spain's most respected olive groves.

Parador Jaén

Parador Jaén

  • People in Spain speak Spanish. While it's true that Castellano -recognized as 'Spanish' nearly everywhere else- is one of Spain's official languages, so, too, are Basque, Catalan and Galician. Visit Parador Argómaniz, Vic-Sau and Tui in order to enjoy the country's linguistic diversity in person!

Parador Vic Sau

Parador Vic-Sau

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