#Great plansParadores: coast and history in a route through Gijón
24 de February 2017

If you are planning a trip to the north, include Gijón on your list of places to visit. This maritime city on the coast of Asturias holds some beautiful corners, buildings full of history and astonishing views.

One of the places you shouldn't miss is the Laboral City of Culture: stand on the centre, turn 360º and you will notice the magnitude of this architectural complex. Impressive.

You can also enjoy a walk in Isabel La Católica Park, just where the Parador de Gijón is.

Parque Isabel la Católica Gijón Paradores

And only 5 minutes away from the beach of San Lorenzo

Playa de San Lorenzo Paradores

Gastronomy in Gijón is another prominent reason that makes the trip worth it.

I want to go to the Parador de Gijón

Parador de Gijón

At the Parador's restaurant we have kept the traditional recipes and flavours and added a touch of modernity to presentations. Enjoying the local gastronomy with views to the park that surrounds the Parador is a memorable experience. Because you will find new and surprising flavours in these traditional dishes.

Tosta de pulpo con toque de wasabi Parador de Gijón

I want to go to the Parador de Gijón

And if you dare, try "Grandma's dessert", a feast of flavours, textures and chocolate

Postre de la abuela Parador de Gijón

Following our tour around this city (park your car and walk, it is well worth discovering Gijón on foot), go to the House Museum of Jovellanos, the Museum of Pueblo de Asturias, the ancient Roman Baths, the Plaza Mayor, etc

Plaza Mayor Gijón Paradores

And, at sunset, go to the promenade of Beach of San Lorenzo and admire the breathtaking horizon

Vistas de Gijón Paradores