Excursion to Gujuli and Salto del Nervión in the Basque Country
27 de June 2016

Do you have a bucket list? Either you do or don´t, these 2 natural wonders are something you have to visit at least once. Gujuli waterfalls and Salto del Nervión in the Basque Country are 2 stunning natural landscapes that will amaze you and make you fall in love with the nature wonders in Spain. These 2 spots are great for day-trips from the Parador de Argómaniz, a beautiful Renaissance palace in the Basque Country. Besides these 2 landscapes, the natural surroundings of the Parador will give you the chance to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation with natural and cultural tourism.


Parador de Argómaniz


Gujuli Waterall

In the town of Orduña in the Basque Country you will find a stunning waterfall of 100 meters of height where you will be able to do some hiking and admire the natural landscape and the flow of the waterfall from the top, definitely worth it. The best time to visit this waterfall is during spring and autumn, when there is a heavy flow of water.

The access to this natural paradise is easy and there is a parking available for the cars. Besides, the path from the parking to the waterfall is easily accessible and beautiful. Along the walk, different species of vegetation and the sound of the waterfall will accompany you.

Besides visiting this natural wonder, take advantage of its location and visit the town of Gujuli, where you will be able to buy some delicious typical cheese and stroll along the streets discovering

To get to the Gujuli waterfall from the Parador de Argomaniz, you will have to take a ride of approximately 30 minutes through the roads A-1, then the N-622 and there take the exit 22 into the A-2521. Before getting to the town of Gujuli (or also called Goiuri), you will see a sign for Gujuli waterfall that will give you access to the Parking.


Parador de Argómaniz


Salto del Nervión

Right in the border between Burgos and Álava, in the Natural Monument of the Santiago Mount, you will find the Salto delNervión, the highest waterfall in the Iberian Peninsula, with approximately 200 meters. In here, the water evaporates before getting to the ground, which is seriously amazing.

To get to this waterfall, the hiking route from the parking to the viewpoint through the de Canyon of Delika is really nice and the views once you get there are breathtaking. In total it takes around 2 hours to go from the parking available to the viewpoint of Salto Nervión and back.

The easiest way to get from the Parador de Argomaniz to Salto del Nervión is by taking a ride of 1 hour approximately through the roads A-1, then N-622 and A-2521.


Parador de Argómaniz


Remember that the best time to visit these waterfalls and be able to admire the flow of the water is during the rainy season, in spring or autumn.

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