Enjoy autumn all around Spain
22 de July 2016

Is that time of the year when the vegetation starts becoming reddish and the leaves start to fall, can you guess which season it is? Of course, it´s autumn, a great time of the year to visit some charming villages and stunning natural landscapes in Spain. Nearby the Paradores Luxury Hotels at Olite, La Granja and Argómaniz you will be able to enjoy autumn, the weather and the beauty of the nature.


Selva de Irati

The forest of Irati is a natural landscape that extends through the territories of northern Navarra in Spain and southern France. If you are a nature lover, this is definitely the ideal place to admire many species of plants, trees, flowers and vegetation, water, air and land animals and of course, tons of water sources within an almost virgin scenery of nature. 

Listening to the sounds of the animals, watching the leafs fall in autumn and breathing fresh are 3 good enough reasons to visit this stunning place that will definitely amaze you. Prepare your boots and some snacks and come explore and discover the Forest of Irati by walking through the many paths available.

The Parador de Olite housed in a Palace-Castle is the closest one to the Forest of Irati and the easiest way to access the Forest of Irati from the Parador is by taking a ride of approximately 90km through the NA-178. Even though the ride is a little bit long, it will definitely be worth it. The access point is on the charming village of Ochagavía, where you´ll also find the Interpretive Center of the Forest of Irati where you can get information about the many routes available for hiking and the best way to explore the forest.

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Parador de Olite


La Granja de San Ildefonso

The Farm of San Ildefonso is a village part of the province of Segovia in Castile and León. In here, nature is the protagonist but there are also many other places to visit. The modern Parador de La Granja which is housed in the Casa de los Infantes (House of the Infants) dated from the 18th century is the ideal place to stay to enjoy autumn in La Granja, admire the gardens and the other sights of this small beautiful village.

Walking through the paths of the Versailles-style gardens and fountains of the Royal Palace, over the reddish leafs from the trees and surrounded by yellow, orange and green vegetation, with many sculptures and fountains along the way, is really splendid. Besides spending a while admiring the Royal Palace and the gardens, don´t miss to visit the Royal Glass Factory, where you will be able to admire some stunning pieces of art made with glass and the process of their making.

From the Parador de La Granja, you will be able to get to the Royal Palace and the gardens and the other sights by taking a short and tranquil walk through the village and admiring its elegance and beauty.

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Parador de La Granja


Sierra de Gorbeia

The Natural Park of Gorbeia in the Basque Country is an ideal place to find edible mushrooms in Spain. Autumn is the perfect time to explore this area and look for the many types of mushrooms available there. In these impressive mountain full of pines and different types of mushrooms you won't need a permit to pick up these products but there is a rule that you have to follow according to which you cannot take more than 2 kilograms of mushrooms per person and day. 

Besides the mushroom picking, the Natural Park of Gorbeia offers a beautiful natural landscape that becomes ideal on autumn. Many hiking routes, like the one to get to the Cruz of Gorbeia (cross of Gorbeia), and many things to do are available in this park for you to make the most out of your visit.

The Parador de Argómaniz in the province of Álava in the Basque Country is the perfect place to stay and visit the Gorbea Natural Reserve which is 32km away from the Parador and its easily accessible by taking a ride through N-611 and A-1 road.

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 Parador de Argómaniz



What do you think? Walking through nature, relaxing, enjoying the weather, tasting exquisite gastronomy and resting as you deserve at Paradores Hotels. What else do you need? Let´s travel to Spain!