#ParadoresPlans: 2-day getaway to the Parador de La Seu d'Urgell
10 de February 2014

Parador de La Seu D´Urgell

If you consider yourself a true nature lover, someone who actively seeks out the king of winter sports, as well as culture and wellbeing options, the place you're looking forward is no other than the Parador de La Seu d'Urgell. Ready for the getaway of your dreams?

Day 1

You will discover the beauty and relaxation of the Catalan Pyrenees as soon as you reach the Parador. This modern hotel with classic stylistic elements, such as the spectacular Renaissance cloister, houses countless cozy rooms and charming spots with the most modern décor. And best of all: a pleasant indoor swimming pool and sauna, allowing you to relax and restore your energy in preparation for an exploration of one of the most delightful towns in the northern part of the province of Lleida.

Parador de la Seu d´Urgell Piscina

Must-seeks in La Seu d'Urgell include: the lovely Romanesque cathedral, a few steps from the Parador, Sant Miquel Church and Sant Domenec Church.

In the evening, dine at the Parador's wonderful Alt Urgell restaurant. It is known for its minimalist décor and its menu, filled with such delicacies as escudella barrejada, the region's traditional stew, and cod confit served on a bed of spinach and pine nuts. The finishing touch to a spectacular day!

Day 2

Get up early and enjoy the Parador buffet, which you will burn off while skiing in Andorra, just 10 kilometers from the Parador.
That's right, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Another advantage of this Parador is that it is extremely close to the best ski slopes in Spain. 

So don't wait a minute longer, book your getaway and enjoy a weekend of adventure, history, wellbeing and high quality cuisine. Where? Click here and travel to a truly unique hotel! 

Here is a map of the area to help you get oriented.

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