#ParadoresGardens: Did you know that some of our Paradores have their own kitchen garden?
11 de November 2013

Kitchen garden at the Parador de Argómaniz

At Paradores, one of our top priorities is a commitment to excellent quality cuisine, made with products chosen and selected especially to offer every guarantee. In fact, it is this commitment to the best that you will find in the culinary offerings at our Paradores. Some of them even have their own kitchen gardens to provide the natural products they require! From garden to the Parador table in just a few hours.

The history and tradition of Paradores are closely linked to the locations that are home to our hotels. Monasteries where long-ago monks cared for and derived sustenance from their gardens. Palaces where the gardens had areas growing fruits and vegetables intended to delight the most refined palates

Kitchen garden at the Parador de La Palma

Today, more and more chefs and restaurants are following the trend of having their own garden next to their kitchen. The flavor of a product picked fresh from the garden cannot be compared with ingredients that have traveled kilometers to reach your plate. Fresh fruits and vegetables with guaranteed quality, grown without chemicals, become the essence of Paradores cuisine. What is now a national and international movement is something that several of our hotels have been doing for decades.

Discover some of our kitchen gardens at the Paradores de Carmona, ChinchónTeruel, Argómaniz, Granada and La Palma.