What about holidays in Spain with a bit of Portugal?
30 de June 2016

Visiting 2 neighbour countries in the same vacations, this is possible with Paradores Luxury Hotels. From the Parador de Baiona in Pontevedra you will be able to explore this Galician province, the village of A Guarda, which is close to the border with Portugal and other villages in Portugal such as Vilanova de Cerveira and Caminha.

In a couple of days staying at the Parador de Baiona you will have the chance to visit all the monuments and cultural sights in these 4 villages in Spain and Portugal with many stories to tell and places to visit.


Parador de Baiona


  • Baiona in Spain, beautifulbeachtown in Pontevedra with one big advantage, the stunning Parador de Baiona. The Parador is located in the Monterreal Peninsula, protected from the open sea by a bay and wih stunning views of the sea and the Cíes Islands. This hotel is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing getaway, bask in the many beaches around and to explore the nearby villages in Spain and Portugal. If you want to get to know this charming and elegant village, don´t miss to visit the old Port of Baiona, the squares, the churches and narrow streets of the old quarter and more.


  • The fishing village of A Guarda is located 30km away from the Parador de Baiona and is definitely a mandatory spot while in this area. Among the many places to visit here there is the Celtic fortified settlement of Santa Tecla, where you will be able to admire stunning views of the Miño River, where Galicia and Portugal meet. Besides, in the Port of A Guarda you will feel the essence of this fishing village, eat delicious seafood and admire the spectacular sunset.  Also, if its summer, don´t forget to take your bathing suit and take a refreshing dips in the many beaches of A Guarda and surroundings.


Parador de Baiona


  • 40 km south away from the Parador de Baiona and crossing the border between Spain and Portugal you will get to the charming village of Vilanova de Cerveira. This historic and rural town with green mountains, and close to the Rio Miño is the perfect place to taste delicious seafood. Besides, visiting the Castle, the Plaça da Liberdade, the church of San Cipriano and go shopping at the Market of Vilanova de Cerveira are some of the things to do in this Portuguese village.


  • In the village of Caminha in Portugal you won´t have time to get bored. The old part of the town with the Church of La Misericordia, the tower of the clock, the Chafariz , the Casa das pitas, the cafeterias, restaurants, patisseries and the main square will let you feel the essence of this typical Portuguese village. Caminha is located 50km away from the Parador de Baiona but only 13km away from Vilanova de Cerveira, so you can visit these 2 villages in the same day and then head back to the Parador to rest and relax. 


Parador de Baiona


So what do you think? Plan your trip, pack your things and discover Spain, Portugal and all the interesting sights in the Iberian Peninsula while enjoying at the Parador de Baiona.


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