10 ideal Paradores to have a great honeymoon immersed in nature
28 de July 2016

Are you newlywed or almost getting married? Then you´re probably already planning your honeymoon, and what better way to do it than by visiting Spain with Paradores Luxury Hotels? Many luxurious hotels immersed in nature will provide you an amazing experience for a honeymoon of relaxation, exquisite gastronomy, the possibility of doing hiking routes, many facilities and things to do and of course, comfortable and pretty guest rooms. Everything you need to have a great time with your significant other.  


Honeymoon in Northern Spain

A northern honeymoon in Spain is definitely a great plan. The Parador de Santo Estevo, located in a beautiful natural landscape of the Ribeira Sacra region in Galicia, and the Parador de Fuente Dé right in the Peaks of Europe National park in Cantabria, are two ideal spots for a honeymoon in nature.  The only problem is choosing which one to visit, so why not both?

Parador de Santo Estevo


  • At the Parador de Fuente Dé, spend time with your couple exploring the surroundings of the hotel, taking a ride on the cableway and doing any of the many routes available around the area.

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 Parador de Fuente Dé


Celebrating love in Catalonia

In the Paradores in nature in Catalonia, many things will make you feel nothing but love in these stunning natural landscape. The Parador the Vielha, with views of the valley and the Parador de Vic-Sau with stunning views of the Sau Reservoir, will give you an idea of how beautiful nature can be.

  • At the Parador de Vielha you won´t get bored with the outdoor pool, the amazing spa and all the things to do. Skiing in the Baqueira Beret ski slopes, hiking in the Arán Valley or going for a romantic horseback ride and then enjoying the spa of the Parador is an amazing plan during the holiday of love, you dreamed honeymoon.

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Parador de Vielha


  • The Parador de Vic-Sau is the ideal place for disconnecting and relaxing from the stress of everyday life and enjoy the special time with your couple. Besides nature, take advantage of the location of this hotel and visit the old quarter of Vic, a charming historic town.

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 Parador de Vic-Sau


Relaxation and love in Castile and Leon

Nature and history are the protagonists of both the Parador de Gredos in the province of Ávila and the Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga in Palencia. A honeymoon in Castile and Leon comes with visiting historic places, tasting exquisite gastronomy, admiring beautiful landscapes and discovering charming villages and cities.

  • In the Sierra de Gredos mountains stands the amazing Parador de Gredos, a magical area surrounded by green vegetation, water sources and many hiking routes.Also, head to Navarredonda de Gredos, right next to the Parador and discover its cultural and historic heritage.

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 Parador de Gredos


  • Located in the Fuentes Carrionas Naure Reserve,the Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga is the perfect spot to enjoy tranquility and peace in a quiet natural ambiance but being close to Cervera de Pisuerga, a charming rural town definitely worth visiting.

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 Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga


Romantic holiday in the Canary Islands

Have you ever dreamt about a perfect honeymoon in the Canary Islands immersed in nature, close to the beach and with an enviable weather all year long? At the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda in the heart of Gran Canaria Island or the Parador de El Hierro in the island with the same name, you can have what you want and more.

  • The Parador de Cruz de Tejeda stands in the middle of a natural paradise with views of cliffs and the ocean. The garden, the spa, the terrace, the luxurious rooms and of course the surroundings of this Parador will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

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Junior Suite at Parador de Cruz de Tejeda


  • Situated between a volcanic mountain and the ocean stands the Parador de El Hierro, an ideal spot for celebrating love surrounded by nature and enjoying the beach and the refreshing swimming pool.

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Parador de El Hierro


Honeymoon in Andalusia

Besides the Feria de Abril, flamenco, olive oil and beach, Andalusia has many more things to offer, like for example two stunning Paradores in nature, the Parador de Mazagón in the Doñana National Park in Huelva, and the Parador de Cazorla in the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla Segura y las Villas Nature Reserve in Jaén, two ideal spots for a southern honeymoon in nature.

  • The Parador de Cazorla offers you the possibility to spend the night in a traditional Andalusian country house with a swimming pool and stunning views. Disconnecting from the crowded cities is the perfect plan at this stunning hotel.

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Parador de Cazorla


  • The ideal spot to enjoy nature and beach is the Parador de Mazagón. Exploring the Doñana National Park, taking a dip in the virgin beaches or the pools of the Parador and relaxing at the terrace are some of the things to do and enjoy this luxurious hotel.

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 Parador de Mazagón



After the wedding party, come celebrate love and spend quality time with your couple at the Pardores Hotels in Spain. Get immersed in nature, discover towns and cities and enjoy the landscapes surrounding the Paradores. Definitely an amazing experience to remember!