Typical dishes you have to try in Galicia
29 de June 2016

How many times have you heard how good Galician gastronomy is? We think is time that you come to the Paradores Luxury Hotels in Galicia and try it by yourself, and then, tell us what you think. In northern Spain you will find food for every taste, sea food, hot soups, puff pastries, cold meat, delicious desserts and wine are the specialties in the Community of Galicia. Of course, every province has its specialty and we know that, so you can have the best in every place you go.


A Coruña

In the province of A Coruña in Galicia you will find the stunning Parador de Santiago de Compostela, a blend of history, art and tradition right next to the Cathedral and in here you will have the chance to eat a delicious meal with views to this monument.

In the restaurant at the Parador de Santiago de Compostela you will get the perfect typical meal which includes Empanada Gallega (savory pie), Pulpo a Féira and of course the traditional tarta de Santiago (almond cake) for dessert. The Empanada Gallega is a type of pie made with flour and salt and filled with mix of vegetables and meat or tuna. The Pulpo a Féira is octopus prepared in the Galician way, with olive oil, potatoes, sweet and spicy pepper and salt. Last but not least, tarta de Santiago for dessert, a flour-less sponge cake made with almond, sugar, lemon and egg.


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 Gastronomy at Parador de Santiago de Compostela



Cambados is the capital of Albariño, one of the world´s best white wines, and guess what? Of course, there is the Parador de Cambados, the perfect place to try the Galician typical cuisine and taste the sweet Albariño.

Some of the specialties of the restaurant at the Parador de Cambados include sea food such as sole and scallops, Rice with lobster and the delicious O cebreiro cheese ice cream. The Galician rice with lobster is similar to a Paella, with yellow rice, lobster and delicious flavor. The O Cebreiro cheese ice cream is probably one of the best flavors of ice cream, made with the typical Galician O Cebreiro cheese and served with a wafer.


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Gastronomy at Parador de Cambados 



In the historic town of Vilalba in Lugo you will find the Parador de Vilalba, built in a fortified tower with magnificent guest rooms and a great restaurant which serves delicious typical food. Explore the town and enjoy the food!

Hot soups and croquettes are the specialty of this Galician province, and what better place to taste it than at the restaurant of the Parador de Vilalba, in the Parador´s stately tower. The Caldo Gallego which is a bean stew and the cocido or chickpea stew will keep you warm during the colder nights. The Ham croquettes are a made with authentic Spanish ham, which makes them delicious.  And of course, we cannot forget about dessert, the stuffed filloas, which are something similar to a caramelized crepe and served with ice cream.


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Parador de Vilalba



Among rivers and nature in Ourense stands the beautiful Parador de Santo Estevo, housed in the Santo Estevo Monastery with baroque and Romanesque style. This is the perfect Parador for relaxation, hiking and tasting a well-deserved meal.

In this Parador, surrounded by chestnut trees, you will have the chance to taste many dishes with chestnuts prepared in different ways. Besides, among the specialties of the restaurant at the Parador de Santo Estevo you will find Grilled Octopues with Sautéed Turnip Greens, apple chorizo sausage and of course a delicious Bica de Castro Caldelas (traditional sponge cake) for dessert.


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Parador de Santo Estevo


And as you may be thinking, no meal is complete without wine, that´s why in Galicia, there are two local traditional wines, Albariño and Ribeiro, perfect options to accompany your lunch or dinner. 

Which of these typical dishes do you like the most? Come to the restaurants of the Paradores in Galicia and start tasting all the specialties.