Explore the World of the Jamón Ibérico in Extremadura
30 de March 2016

Who does not like Jamón Ibérico? Who does not know Spain because of its Jamón? It is one of the most beloved gastronomic products of our country and our Paradores hotels know it. One of the first producers of Jamón Ibérico is Extremadura. There are different types and categories depending on the territory, the taste and the characteristics. Do you want to know more about it?

As it has been said, Extremadura is one of the regions where Jamón Ibérico is produced. It has some of the best conditions for it to be delicious. It is the first place on the production of Jamón Ibérico (coming from Iberian pigs). It is an area of high ecologic value, with an idyllic climate, sweeter acorns and holm oaks and cork oaks forests, perfect elements for the Iberian pigs to live. In fact, there are several hams with the Designation of Origin of la Dehesa Extremeña

There are three two categories of Jamón Ibérico depending on the alimentation of the Iberian pig.

  • Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. The maximum quality is what represents the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. The ones with a red label come from 75% Iberian pigs, and the ones with a black label come from 100% Iberian pigs. This ham comes from the pigs that have eaten just acorns during their last period and it has a longer curation period (around 36 months)
  • Jamón de Cebo de Campo. This is also a fine type of ham but the difference with the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota resides in the fact that pigs are fed not only with acorns but also with grains.

In Extremadura, we can talk about three different regions that are known because of their hams.

  • Jamón de la Serena. It is considered one of the best ones in Spain because the ham has been produced under such nice conditions for the pigs. Some of the best gourmet hams can be found here. La Serena is located in Badajoz, around 100 kilometres away from the Parador de Trujillo and 120 from the Parador de Mérida.

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Parador de Trujillo

Parador de Trujillo

  • Jamón de Montanchez. Around 45 kilometres away from Mérida, where our Parador de Mérida is located, we find the village of Montanchez. The Sierra de Montanchez is one of the best places in Extremadura to produce Jamón de Bellota, most of which have the D.O. of the Dehesas Extremeñas. Its taste is usually sweeter and with and intense aroma that will make the taste of it stay longer in your mouth.

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Parador de Mérida

Parador de Mérida

  • Jamón de Llanos de Olivenza. The place where this ham is produced has a long tradition on farming, and pigs are one of the most important activities. There are long extensions of holm oaks forests for them to live and get fed by acorns, so that the ham that is produced is a high quality one. Our Parador de Zafra is less than 80 kilometres away from this region.

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Parador de Zafra

Parador de Zafra

If you come to Spain and you are a food lover and a Jamón Ibérico lover... why wouldn't you come to any of our Paradores in Extremadura? You will find the best and highest quality Jamón Ibérico! You should also take into account that all of our Paradores hotels offer Jamón Ibérico in their breakfast buffets... Because we know how much you like it! What else?

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