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09 de June 2023

Are you looking forward to enjoying yourself this summer? At Paradores we want to do our bit to help you enjoy a few dreamy days away from the monotony. There are an infinite number of options at our hotels for you to decide how you want to spend your greatest holidays. Cool down in our incredible swimming pools, travel with your family (or with your pet) or make the most of your adventurous spirit: these are just some of our suggestions.

31 de May 2023

Winter is coming to an end, the days are getting longer and temperatures are spring-like. For many people, this is the best time of year for travelling, as the good weather allows all kinds of excursions and it is not as hot as in summer. In addition, visits and excursions are far more exclusive as there are not as many travellers as in the summer. If you are looking for a break to start the spring, we suggest 10 Paradors, ideal for enjoying nature, interesting cultural visits or relaxing in a spa. Are you coming?


25 de May 2023

Fancy a trip to see one of the most impressive monuments of Catalan architecture? A spectacular ensemble that you cannot possibly envisage until you are inside? La Seu Vella will capture your heart. Just walking around and seeing this architectural marvel with its well-kept surroundings will transport you back to the time when it was built. What's more, if you stay at the Parador de Lleida, you can get there easily, as it's only a 4-minute drive or a 10-minute walk away.

25 de May 2023

From Isabel II to Alfonso XIII, the kings and queens of Spain made Santander and San Sebastián their summer resting places. When the heat turned Madrid into an uninhabitable city, the Royal Family would pack their bags to seek solace on the Cantabrian coast. The two northern capitals still retain that elegant air carved out by the predilection of kings and queens.

24 de May 2023

The great river reaches its zenith in the delta, a place brimming with life and serenity. The Ebro Delta Natural Park exudes a breathtaking beauty where time seems to have stood still.

The Ebro extends its domain among the wetlands that reflect the flight of birds like mirrors. The river's flow is immense. Filled with water, it meanders weaving a beautiful green mantle that reaches its perfection in the delta where it creates one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean.


24 de May 2023

Declared a National Park at the end of June 2021, Sierra de las Nieves exhibits a universe of contrasts that conceals the most complex labyrinth of caves and galleries in Andalusia.


Sierra de las Nieves


24 de May 2023

Are you looking for a weekend getaway before the holidays? Are you looking for a place that combines relaxation for the older ones and entertainment for the little ones? Discover these 10 Paradors where you can enjoy an unforgettable family holiday. 


Parador de Benicarló (Castellón)

04 de May 2023

Now that summer seems to have come early, there is nothing better than a holiday or a short break in destinations where the climate is mild and pleasant. Here are a few suggestions to escape the heat. What's more, these are places where it's easy to find the peace and quiet you're looking for. Find out about all you can do in the most spring-like Paradors.



04 de May 2023

Would you like to learn about the secrets hidden in the Wise City and its traditional Castilian environment? We invite you to discover them from the Parador de Salamanca. This modern building, opposite the historic centre of the city, is located in Campo Charro, surrounded by meadows, bull ranches and small villages with picturesque customs. 

Ciudad de Salamanca

24 de April 2023

Have you ever dreamt of a memorable getaway to the heart of nature? In this article we suggest you rediscover your dreams with a trip to Jarandilla de la Vera. This Parador in the province of Cáceres is located in Tiétar and La Vera Valley, surrounded by river gorges, natural pools and forests of chestnuts and oaks.

24 de April 2023

With the arrival of spring and the good weather, the best season for delightful trips begins. At Paradores we suggest you wander aimlessly in beautiful natural spots. Fill your lungs with fresh air, go on excursions through nature, enjoy absolute peace and quiet and, in short, disconnect from everything. Until April 27th, you can find our Paradores in nature at incredible prices and we want you to know some of them.


Parador de Bielsa

05 de May 2020

Our hotels and restaurants are going to take the utmost care in cleaning and disinfecting to ensure the well-being of our employees and customers. It will also help that most of our hotels are located in natural areas, away from mass tourism, and that almost all of them are medium or small size.

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