Paradores in World Heritage Cities
21 de July 2017

15 cities in Spain hold World Heritage status and all of them deserve a visit. UNESCO has recognised these cities as places that care for and maintain their cultural heritage and implement conservation plans.

Of the 15 World Heritage Cities in Spain, 11 have a Parador; one of our charming hotels from which you can discover unique places and destinations where heritage and culture take priority. 

Make your travel plans and discover why these unique cities have achieved global recognition for the architectural jewels and heritage that they treasure.

  • Alcalá de Henares

Home to Cervantes, a city with tours that take you through the history of the printing press, the theatre and the New World. Alcalá, a short distance from Madrid, is not somewhere you can see in a day; you need more time to take in all the interesting literary tours, tours of its three cultures and Cervantes tours.

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  • Ávila

The city with a century old wall upon which you can walk and admire the main monuments and buildings of this Castilian city from up high.

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Parador de Ávila

  • Cáceres

Explore the historic old town of this city in Extremadura from the unbeatable location of the Parador de Cáceres, located in an ancient Renaissance palace.

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Parador de Cáceres

  • Córdoba

Go for a leisurely stroll by the Great Mosque and the Alcázar, cross the Roman bridge...and leave the city to see Medina Azahara. There's plenty to see in this city! What's more, the Parador de Córdoba is found high up in the city with views that will take your breath away.

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Puente de Córdoba Paradores RM

  • Cuenca

In front of the Hanging Houses of Cuenca, a few minutes from the Cathedral and the city's historic old centre, the Parador de Cuenca, a historic building in itself, will complete your travel experience in this perfect city for a cultural escape.

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Parador de Cuenca desde las Casas Colgadas

  • Mérida

Beyond the summer classical theatre season, Mérida is a city of discovery, especially for its magnificent Roman past still present today and appealing to visit at any time of year. The Parador de Mérida is located in the centre of the city, just a step away from all the unmissable sights in this corner of Extremadura.

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Parador de Mérida

  • Salamanca

The ancient student city also has an impressive old town filled with buildings filled with history and that showcase architectural evolution. The university, the Casa de las Conchas, the Garden of Calixto and Melibea, the Casa de Lis...With views of the main sights, you'll find a modern and comfortable hotel, from which you can organise your tours through the streets of Salamanca.

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Parador de Salamanca

  • Santiago de Compostela

Next to the Cathedral, the final point on the road, in the Plaza del Obradoiro itself, you will find the Parador de Santiago, a hotel with four unique cloisters, a place in which one breaths the history of the city and the perfect way to complete your heritage tour. Santiago, eternal hostess

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Parador de Santiago

  • Segovia

Two essential places to see in the Heritage City of Segovia: the aqueduct and the Alcázar. With impressive views over the city, the Parador is the perfect hotel in which to relax and enjoy yet another of the city's attractions: roast suckling pig.

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Vistas de Segovia desde el Parador

  • Toledo 

The city of the Three Cultures, Toledo has traces of the past in every corner. Impressive buildings and streets that take you through the historic centre showing you the legacy and history of a beautiful city much loved by travellers the world over. Heritage City awaits you.

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Toledo desde la terraza del Parador

  • Úbeda

One of the most recent inclusions on this list of Heritage Cities, Úbeda offers a stroll through palaces and plazas (like Palacio de Vázquez de Molina, precisely where the Parador can be found), the Synagogue of Water...The charm of the south with an historic past and rich heritage.

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Parador de Úbeda