Most amazing castles and fortress nearby Paradores in Spain
14 de July 2016

We´ve told you before about amazing Paradores Luxury Hotels that are housed in old castles and fortress, but this time we will tell you about many stunning castles and fortress that are located nearby the hotels so you can visit them and explore its surroundings while staying at the modern or historic buildings, home of the Paradores at La Granja, Tordesillas, Córdoba, and Olite.


Castillo del Manzanares

The Castle of Manzanares or also known as Castle of the Mendoza´s, is a palace-fortress built in 1475. Located in the area of Manzanares el Real in the Community of Madrid, this castle was built as a fortress but it was after used as the royal residence of the Mendoza family. Nowadays, is open to visits and is also used as a cultural center to host exhibitions, seminars, concerts and more.

Even though this castle belongs to the Community of Madrid, the closest Parador is the Parador de La Granja, a stunning modern building in the province of Segovia and the easiest way to get from the Parador to the castle is by taking a short ride ok 43km through the CL-601.

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Parador de La Granja


Castillo de la Mota

Located in the charming village of Medina del Campo in the province of Valladolid lays the beautiful Castle of La Mota. This castle was the residence of Isabel the Catholic, the queen of Castilla. While visiting this castle, don´t miss to stroll along the streets of the village of Medina del Campo, where the castle is and Tordesillas, the home of the stunning Parador de Tordesillas where you can taste exquisite Castilian gastronomy.  

The easiest way to get from the Parador de Tordesillas to the Castillo de la Mota is by taking a 20 minutes' drive through the A-6.

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 Parador de Tordesillas


Castillo de Almodóvar del Río

The Castle of Almodovar del Río located in the village with the same name in Córdoba is a fortress of Muslim style. This castle has two functions, it is a touristic spot to visit the gardens, the rooms, hallways and the church and is also available for private events and celebrations. There are different types of visits that can be at day, at night, guided, cultural or others, so you can choose the one that fits you best.

The Castle of Almodovar del Río is located approximately 30km away from the Parador de Córdoba, so it will only take a short tide of half an hour through the A-431 to get there.

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Parador de Córdoba 


Palacio Real de Olite

The Royal Palace of Olite was built with the main function to be the royal residence of the King Carlos III and it has been declared a national monument. The Parador de Olite is located within stone walls in a section of the majestic Palace-Castle of Olite. Besides walking along the halls and rooms of the Parador, you have to visit the "New Palace", the other part of the royal Palace of Olite that´s open to touristic visits. The palace itself, the surrounding gardens and the any towers are definitely something you have to visit in Olite. Don´t miss to go all the way up to the Tower of Tribute and admire some stunning views of the village of Olite.  

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Parador de Olite


Feel like a royal exploring these stunning castles. Besides, stroll around the surroundings of the Paradores and get to know the essence of these beautiful and charming locations in Spain. Don´t hesitate, book now and start traveling!