What to see in Gijón
01 de July 2016

As you may know, the North of Spain is famous for having many beaches, a lot of historic facts, spectacular green and natural landscapes and many rainy days and a few sunny ones. In Asturias, you will find way more than that. Many interesting, beautiful, cultural and historic sites in Gijón will allow you to get immersed in the essence and lifestyle of this historic villa.

One great spot in Gijón would be the Parador de Gijón which occupies an old mill in Isabel la Católica Park, close to the beach and with beautiful vegetation, comfortable guest rooms and an exquisite restaurant. From here, you will be able to visit the charming Park of Isabel la Católica and to go to all the main must-sees in Gijón.


Parador de Gijón


  • Cimadevilla Peninsula

The most emblematic neighborhood in Gijón would definitely be Cimadevilla or also called Cimavilla, between the San Lorenzo beach and the sports port. A fishing area situated in the Peninsula of Santa Catalina in the northern part of the city with many bars, pedestrian streets, monuments and live at any time of the day. In here, you can´t miss to drink Sidra which is a typical drink in Northern Spain made with apple juice served in a special place called Sidrerias.


  • Jovellanos House Museum

The Jovellanos House Museum, as its name says it, it´s both the birthplace of the Ilustrator Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos and an interesting museum. The building is declared historic monument and its located in the Homónima square in the Cimadevilla Peninsula. Sculptures, paintings, pictures and more, all related to the work of Jovellanos are what you will find in this Museum. Definitely a mandatory spot in Gijón.


Parador de Gijón


  • Revilagigedo Palace

Also in the Cimadevilla neighborhood, exactly in the Plaza del Marqués, you will find the Revillagigedo Palace, a stunning building from the XVIII century. This palace is another historic monument in Gijón and the home of a cultural center where temporal art shows, workshops, theatre plays, concerts and other events are celebrated. When in Gijón, check the agenda and visit this Palace.


  • The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are located in the Cimadevilla Peninsula. Have you ever wondered what their function was? Well, in here, you will be able to take a tour around the roman baths and the museum and learn about the history, admire the paintings, ceramics and other authentic objects of the baths.


  • Laboral University

This is the place where taking a guided tour is more than worth it. Exploring each corner of the building home of the Laboral University is an amazing experience. Considered one of the biggest buildings in Spain, inside you will find a theater, the ancient church, and art center, the tall tower and more. The interesting fact is that this stunning building used to be a University and now is a touristic attraction and the headquarter of many institutions in Gijón.


Parador de Gijón


Come to the Parador de Gijón and get ready to have the time of your life. With beautiful landscapes, many interesting historic monuments, museums, beaches, exquisite gastronomy, and sidra, you will have a great time in Gijón. 


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