Liquid Gold: Celebrate Spanish Olive Oil at Paradores
02 de April 2014

Alongside fine wine and cured ham, olive oil is one of Spain's most iconic foodstuffs. The country not only leads the world in quantity, but also in quality - some of the world's best olive oils are produced in Spain.

To celebrate this heart-healthy source of national pride, Paradores' luxury and historic hotels in Spain are celebrating olive oil throughout the month of March with special tours of local olive mills and menus that feature "liquid gold" as the star ingredient.

Parador de Tortosa

Dining at Parador de Tortosa

A long legacy

First developed in the ancient Mediterranean, olive oil has long been a staple of Spanish life. Wonderful drizzled over bread and salad, and the preferred oil for frying; it is even used as a traditional ingredient in soaps and beauty remedies.

To give this wonderful substance the recognition it deserves, a stay at one of Paradores' locations in Albacete, Calahorra, Cazorla, Chinchón, Jarandilla, Plasencia, Tortosa, Úbeda and Zafra during the month of March, includes a visit to some of Spain's finest almazaras, or oil mills, to see how it is made. You'll be taught all about the process of olive oil production, from lush green olive to slick golden oil.

Nearly all of Paradores' hotels also offer olive oil tastings, during which you'll get to know the distinct flavours and aromas of different varieties and learn how to best match olive oil with food. 

Parador de Olite

Dining at Parador de Olite

Sensual luxury

Now that you know the different types of olive oils and have seen how the olives are grown and the oil pressed, isn't it time to eat? Paradores is pairing olive oils with Spanish wines for a delicious double dose of home-grown Spanish cuisine. Visit the Paradores in Alcalá de Henares, Alcañiz, Argómaniz, Chinchón, Ciudad Rodrigo, Cuenca, Jaén, La Granja, León, Mazagón, Olite, Salamanca, and Tortosa for a meal that will truly tickle your taste buds.

Looking for some golden luxury? Many of Paradores spas pamper guests with special olive oil treatments. Parador Cádiz - a modern seaside wonder made of glass and steel - offers its "Phoenician Gold Exfoliation" treatment. The Canary Islands' Parador Cruz de Tejada and Castile y León's Parador La Granja both feature OlivotherapyParador Lorca and Parador Manzanares also offer olive oil spa sessions, while Parador Calahorra in the lush north offers a special discount for its olive oil treatment. 

Parador de Alcala de Henares

A treatment room at Parador Alcalá de Henares

End your olive oil holiday in Spain on a sweet note by dropping in one of Paradores' restaurants for an olive-oil infused sweet. These delicacies are perfect for accompanying a relaxing glass of sweet wine or cup of coffee.

Hungry for Spanish olive oil? Book your holiday in Spain at Paradores today!