Discover Doñana, Spain's Most Unique National Park
17 de March 2015

A magical world of lush marshes, surreal sand dunes and absolutely unique fauna exists on Spain's south-western coast, just a short distance from Huelva and Seville - the world of Doñana National Park. One of Europe's most renowned nature reserves, this is a protected area where thousands of migratory birds, all sorts of deer, wild boars, and the endangered Iberian lynx all intermix.

Chart a course for the south during your upcoming holiday in Spain and discover the wonders of Doñana National Park from the comfort of one of Paradores' luxury and historic hotels' most charming locations, Parador Mazagón, a sleek building overlooking the Atlantic from its cliff-top perch.

A unique eco-system

Stretching across the Andalusian provinces of Seville and Huelva, Doñana National Park covers 543 square kilometres of marshes, sand dunes and pristine beaches, largely encompassing the Guadalquivir River delta.

Parador MazagónParador Mazagón's privileged location within Doñana National Park

Established in 1969, the national park hosts some of Europe's most unique flora and fauna, and is home to the thousands of European and African migratory birds that fly back and forth between the continents. Its most illustrious inhabitant, however, is the critically endangered Iberian lynx, of which only some 300-odd remain.

Start off your visit at Doñana National Park's Jose Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre, where you can learn all about the park's history and development, as well as specifics about the many species that roam its lands. Nearby bird-watching posts are well-suited for those interested in seeing the most fascinating of our feathered friends in their natural habitat.

Parador MazagónEnjoy views of the Atlantic from the terrace at Parador Mazagón

Exploring Doñana

From the visitor centre you can head out on any number of different excursions though this splendid landscape, the most popular of which are undoubtedly the safari-style tours that crisscross the park on specially prepared 4x4 vehicles, taking visitors across the dunes, over the seashore, and on sightseeing tours to spot native beasts like Spanish red deer and the Spanish imperial eagle. Other popular options are the horseback tours offered by the park, or the guided biking or hiking tours across wooded areas of the reserve.

Parador MazagónRelaxation is the order of the day at Parador Mazagón

Make sure your visit to Doñana is especially wonderful by lodging at Parador Mazagón, a lovely cliff-top building with unbeatable views of the Atlantic down below. The Parador's beach is ideal for lounging away your mornings, while the terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a late afternoon drink as the sun sets over the horizon.

Eager to discover Doñana? Contact Parador Mazagón to arrange your visit today!