Burgos Cathedral, an authentic Gothic Temple
02 de November 2015

Considered one of the best Gothic art buildings and located in the city centre of Burgos, right at the Plaza de Santa María, the Burgos Cathedral emerges. After more than 20 years of restoration of it, it seems that this impressive building is back on what it was. Our Parador de Lerma is located in the village of Lerma, just 40 kilometres away from the city centre of Burgos. Both are spots along the French Way of Saint James. You can mix culture and History together with disconnection, who wouldn't take advantage of this proximity?

Parador de Lerma

The Burgos Cathedral is an impressive construction named National Monument in 1885 and World Heritage Site in 1984.  The construction of the building started in 1221 and until 1260 it was not finished. It was supposed to substitute the Romanesque church that was built in the XI century and so to create a real temple. This ambitious project wanted beauty, architecture and religion to join together and create a building full of grace and magnificence.

The main façade is one of the most beloved façades in the world. After the incident in which the statue of San Lorenzo fell down to the ground, the Cathedral started to be restored. This project started in 1994 and nowadays the splendour of the building is back and so people want to check it out one more time.

The building, with a cruciform floorplan, includes so many architectonic treasures. It is formed by a great Cloister from the XIV century that shares space with a total of fifteen chapels from different periods of time. In the inside of the building, there are some marvellous sculptures and paintings adding a richer artistic value to the cathedral.

It is one of the most admired Cathedrals in Castile and León and in Spain. Lots of people want to go there and get amazed by its beauty: pilgrims, tourists, locals... Everyone!

  • Opening hours: Depending on the time of the year and the months of the year, the opening hours change. The latest it opens is at 10 and the earliest it closes is at 18. You can check here the specific opening hours according of the time of the year it is.
  • The basic price rates are the follow:

Individual ticket: 7€

Retired people: 6€

Students: 4.50€

Children from 7 until 14: 1.50€

Pilgrims with a credential: 3.50€

You can also check the rest of price rates here.

As it was previously said, our Parador de Lerma is just 20 minutes away from the city of Burgos. It is an impressive Ducal Palace whit awesome rooms and with such a nice environment surrounding the hotel. It is also a desired place from pilgrims on their French Way of Saint James to stay. You could stay at one of its unique rooms and enjoy an unforgettable experience together with the essential visit to the city of Burgos and the Burgos Cathedral.

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Parador de Lerma

Parador de Lerma

How to get from Lerma to Burgos:

  •  By car:

A-1 road (40 kilometres)

  •  By bus:

At Lerma Bus Station, taking the Burgos-Aranda de Duero bus to Aranda de Duero to Burgos and after 8 stops, getting off at Burgos Bus Station.